Mystical places of Ukraine: the bottomless Black lake never freezes and attracts evil spirits

Mystical places of Ukraine: the bottomless Black lake never freezes and attracts evil spirits

To swim in the lake can only be experienced swimmers, and for the night near the pond local generally advised not to stay.

The lake is located near the village of Water of Znamensky district of Kirovograd region. It is surrounded by marshes that are eloquent name «Black forest» and occupies an area of 16 hectares. Officially before the national forest was classified as only 2 ha.

It is not known the depth of the reservoir. But locals say that the lake has a double bottom. The upper consists of peat, fallen twigs and leaves, and now impossible to find. When, allegedly, the workers of the forestry, taking two pitches of 250 meters, tried to lower them to the bottom. Attached to one end of the load, probably hit the bottom when I was almost unwound the second part. However, this theory never been tested. One thing is for sure – already at the shores of its depth reaches 2 meters.

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Besides, the lake water has a constant temperature all year round. In the summer it warms up no more than a meter, and does not freeze in winter. The only exception – winter 2014-15. Then the pond was covered with strong ice.

Located among the swamps and endowed with unusual features of the lake generates a lot of legends and myths. Rumor has it that it is home to mermaids, and next you should not walk himself — to not «attacked fornication». And already blinded by it and people seemed to wander into the deep and disappeared beneath the dark waters.

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More common name of the reservoir – lake Berestovoi. Probably it appeared after the Ice age. It was then that meltwater began to accumulate in the grooves and cracks of the terrain – which may explain the greater depth of the reservoir. And the name «Black» is associated with numerous swamps and blackish tint of its waters.

And it is not too terrible, because its surface in the summer zarastaet lilies, and on the banks in some places blooming rare orchids. However, in autumn it looks detached and hostile.

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