National Geographic called the country in which it is necessary to go this fall

National Geographic called the country in which it is necessary to go this fall

Festivals of fire and wine next to the Grand castles, palaces and churches make an autumn trip unforgettable.

Our planet is rich in interesting and stunning places. Among them — ancient cities, shrines and unique natural wonders. Such places are beautiful at any time of the year. However, the publisher of National Geographic has prepared a list of countries to which travel will be especially interesting in the fall. AND TSN.ia has selected the most interesting for their readers.

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The country’s territory is covered with forests more than 60% percent. This ratio provided for in the Constitution and protected by law. Among the forests, mountains, is a unique rock monastery Taktsang-lhakhang. Its name means «Tiger’s Lair». Nearest village near the Buddhist temple town of Paro. It is also different interesting prodeklarirovannye houses made of wood, and around the stunning panorama.
Autumn in Bhutan will host two of the festival – Tsechu and Red Cranes. Tsechu is a religious festival which is celebrated at different times, depending on the region. The most ambitious Tsechu is held in the capital of the Kingdom of Bhutan Thimphu. The holiday is celebrated with lights, costumes and music.

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Festival «Red Cranes» is celebrated on 11 November and devoted to the return of the red cranes to the sacred valley of the explore glacier. In this valley is a famous school of Tibetan Buddhism Gangtey gompa.


In Zambia from may to November most of the animals live in rivers. This is due to excessive heat. This period is ideal for a Safari along the Luangwa river and South Luangwa National Park. Besides, from the nearby pond has a number of hotels and pensions, furnished with local traditions.
In another part of the country, on the border with Zimbabwe, there is a waterfall of incredible beauty and overwhelming size of Victoria. It is in drought, from October to November, it is safe to swim in the pools of the waterfall, over the cliff.

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Autumn in France can not only look at the incredible architecture, not walking the heat, but also to get to the grapes.
To taste a grapes and French wine in Burgundy is a historic region on the East of the country. And Burgundy is one of the most prestigious wine regions of the world. The best time to travel to the region of the winemakers begins in mid-September.
The area is known not only for its wine, and numerous monuments.

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If traveling to France in October, you should visit the harvest festival in the Montmartre district of Paris. Into action and meet winemakers from all regions of France.


On September 20 in Athens starts on 23-th international film festival. It stretches until the beginning of October.
In Athens should climb the mountain Liquat that is located in the city centre. It remained a chapel of St. George, built in the XI-XII centuries. The most important thing — the hill can be seen all over Athens, and to get to the top of the funicular.
Another attraction of the city — national Museum of archaeology. It is possible to walk among the ruins, protected from the weather and damage the dome. Moscato


In India is to visit the main holiday of the country – Diwali. It is the festival of lights, of lights and victory of good over evil, and a kind of Indian New Year. Diwali symbolizes the return of the people from darkness to light, so the Indians lit at night thousands of lights chasing away the darkness away.
This year the celebration will be held on October 19. During the celebration of light is not only small lights and lamps, but also to decorate buildings, monuments, temples, and trees with LEDs and illuminate the sky with fireworks.

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Traveling to India, you should visit the city of Jaipur, which means «Pink». Among many attractions of the Grand Hawa Mahal or Palace of Winds. And on the outskirts is the Nahargarh Fort, which offers a magnificent view of the city lying at hand.
Nearby there is another amazing building is the Palace on the water JAL Mahal.


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