Paradise for car enthusiasts. In Zaporozhye are the largest automobile Museum of Ukraine

Paradise for car enthusiasts. In Zaporozhye are the largest automobile Museum of Ukraine

All the exhibits are on the go and even utilized in the film.

The largest Museum is located in Zaporozhye. With an area of almost 4 thousand square meters, which has presented more than 150 exhibits.
Among them are not only cars, but also motorcycles, bicycles, toy cars, old electronics and aircraft. All cars and motorcycles Museum «on the go». They participate in festivals, rally, retro rally and involved in the filming of the movie.

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One of the exhibits – American jeep «Willis». Took it from the Museum for the film «Chinese box». Went to the car actor Mikhail Yefremov, and the shooting took place in the Lviv region. The plot for the film were the materials of the secret archives of the Soviet intelligence. They talked about the attempt of the German secret services to kill Stalin.
This is stated in the subject headings «Miy Punic» program «snidanok z «1+1».

Videomay guide. The largest Museum of Ukraine

Snidanok 1+1

Today, 12:09

In the original «jeep» is a classic form of the vehicle of the U.S. army. On the screen he had to «fight» on the side of the Soviet Union. To repaint a Museum piece expensive and impractical. Therefore, the way out found a simple and original – unwanted car seat smeared with mud.

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Another chinaexport – Yak-18 MP. It was filmed in the Soviet Union film about the Second World War – «go To fight some old people». And although the legendary characters of the tape sat in the fighter La-5 in the sky worked their «doublers». In the Museum you will see is the plane on which he personally flew the actor Leonid Bykov.

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