Right-Bank Ukraine. 10 places to stay with children on the rivers and lakes

Right-Bank Ukraine. 10 places to stay with children on the rivers and lakes

Cozy and picturesque place to visit with family and kids in the summer.

Ukraine is rich in natural wonders. Here it is worth remembering Podilski Tovtry — a picturesque mountain in Khmelnitsky region. Also, encouraging vision Shatsky lakes in Volyn and mountain ranges of the Carpathians, among which the snakes are twisted by swift streams and spread the unique lake. In many regions you can find bets with healing mud, or sources of medicinal mineral waters. However, we don’t always know about interesting places that are suitable for a wonderful holiday with the family.
TSN. Tourism has prepared a list of 10 places in right-Bank Ukraine for a harmonious stay.

Khmelnik — mineral pools in Vinnytsia region

The town of Khmelnik is located in the North of Vinnytsia region. It has long been known as a resort of national importance. For the treatment and prevention of various diseases, it uses radon mineral water and mud. They are treating: blood disorders, movement apparatus, nervous system and women’s diseases.
Through the city flows the river the southern bug. It is on its banks is a lot of resorts. In addition to health resorts, you can just relax. On the territory of the local resorts are equipped with well-groomed alleys and parks. Through the river bridge.
Besides, the city boasts a rich history. In the city there are the remains of an ancient fortress of the XVI century, which served as a defensive point from the Tatars. Well there was only one tower. Next to it you can see the Palace of count Ksido built in the early XX century. Also, the city has 4 churches, founded before 1910, the year and a number of different monuments
In chmielnik, you can improve your health, take a walk near the southern bug, see the Palace, tower and the Venetian bridge. The city is cozy and has a well-developed infrastructure.


Stepashky — unknown pearl on the southern bug

The village is located in the South-East of Vinnytsia region. Near it flows the river southern bug river, which forms here Ladyzhyn water reservoir, so swimming and relaxing in Stepashky enough. Besides, the village is surrounded by coniferous and leafy forests — away from the bustle of the city.
Possible to live here in recreation, camping or pitched tents on the scenic banks of the reservoir. Housing in Stepashky everyone will be able to find, according to their tastes and wallet.
Near bases there are gazebos and barbecues. Besides beaches here are rented catamarans. Guests can go fishing on the reservoir absolutely for free.
Stay in the village will appeal to families with children. Clean air, picturesque beach dotted with pine trees and beautiful beaches can all be found here. And in the surrounding forest guests can gather wild strawberries and mushrooms.

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Letychiv — a famous fish market and the center of the popular uprising

The city is located in the Khmelnitsky region. Through it avtoput from Khmelnytsky to Vinnitsa. And, in 30 km from Letichev is a railway station, so getting here is not difficult.
In the vicinity of the Wolf river flows into the southern bug river, forming a large river basin. From the city’s magnificent panorama, a particularly picturesque place — the bridge at Shadrinskoe HPP.
The most famous Letychiv its huge Fish market. He is one of the largest and most popular in Ukraine. The fish caught here in the Podolsk reservoir, and then independently prepare the inhabitants of the city.
In Letychiv is the surviving part of the old castle — Letichevsky tower. Nearby is another ancient building — the sanctuary of Letychiv mother of God. It is a temple complex which houses the icon was brought in antiquity by the Dominican monks from the Vatican.
In the courtyard of the castle stands a 5-meter high statue of Ustym karmelyuka. The rebel was imprisoned in the local prison, and after death is buried in Letichev.

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The city has a convenient location, beautiful surroundings, a huge fish market and interesting historical monuments for sightseeing, so Letychiv a wonderful place to stay.

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A large settlement is a cosy village on the banks of the Dniester

A large suburb located in the Kamianets-Podilskyi district, Khmelnytskyi region. The village is situated on the Bank of the river Dniester and Muksha, in the framework of the National natural Park «Podilski Tovtry».
Promenade in the village is big and sandy, places covered with grass. On the beach with views of the river and the hills on the opposite shore. On the shore there is a small water Park, playgrounds, volleyball and football courts. The village is quiet, and tourists there for a bit.
A large settlement, though small, but very picturesque, by the same, with a rich history. The first mention of the village dates back to 1460. However, then the settlement was called Moksha. This name is probably borrowed from the pagan goddess Mokosh.
From the monuments of the past there is an old yard masters Lesnevich, stone buildings, a Church and an ancient bell tower.


Kolodiivka — flooded legends and incredible panoramas

Another village within the National nature reserve Podil’s’ki Tovtry is Kolodiivka, Khmelnytskyi region. In addition to the picturesque countryside of the natural Park, the village is situated at the Dniester reservoir, which here spreads among the foothills. Prior to flooding area water storage, there Bakota village. So now, the area bears his name.

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On the banks of the reservoir located a number of recreation facilities and children camps. They offer different activities for adults and children. You can live in fishing lodges, cabins on the water, or in the rooms of the boarding house. Those wishing to camp. Here are also rented boats and catamarans. Have recreation there is a car Park.
It is worth noting that to plan a trip in advance. The reservoir area is quite large, so depending on what beach you go, the route will change accordingly.
Besides the fantastic nature and lots of places for bathing, you can visit the Bakota cave monastery. The temple is located in caves that were carved into the rocks. He is considered one of the oldest in Ukraine.


The village is a picturesque waterfall at the grotto of the Hermit

The village is located in Zalishchyky district, Ternopil region. A few kilometers from nyrkova flows the Dniester. However, near the village of flowing not less picturesque river Dzhuryn. The channel which runs through the tract of «Wilderness.» In his exaltation we find several sources. Their water is considered curative. One is called the source of St. Anne. Water from the springs flows over a cliff forming a waterfall Girlish Tears. Heights offer magnificent views of the valley of the river Dzhuryn.
The mountain has natural caves, some of them treated people, one is called «grotto of the Hermit». Here on the rock Vysocina figure of St. Onuphrius and the recess for candles, or icons. The length of the cave, about 40 meters.
The village itself is small, but to the South there is a lot of interesting things. Here on the Dzhuryn is the largest waterfall plains of Ukraine, where you can swim and make a panoramic photo. Once upon a time this place was a mill. The terrain is wooded, allowing you to camp out.
Card of the village, is the remains of an ancient Chervonogradskogo castle and the Church of the assumption of the virgin Mary. The building is abandoned, but you can even now appreciate their former grandeur.
Village the Village is perfect for educational family holidays.

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Shatsk is a town near the 30 lakes

The lake is located in the Shatsky district, Volyn region between the rivers Pripyat and Western bug. A group of more than 30 lakes form the Shatsky national natural Park. The most popular towns to stay, this is the shack, and Svitiaz.
The creation of a National Park, helped to preserve the purity of lakes and untouched nature. On the shore many of the reservoirs there are cottages and resorts. Accommodation can be rented from local residents or bring a tent.
Around the lakes grow a mixed forest with pines, birches and oaks. The area has rich vegetation. Also, the lakes are home to many different birds and animals. The latter are mainly waterfowl.
Lake Svityaz is located here, is the deepest in Ukraine. The width of its beaches from 5 to 60 meters. It even has an island.
The surroundings are cosy and picturesque. Perfect for a family holiday. The water in the lakes is well heated so you can swim and not worry about the cold.

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Lake Synevyr — «Sea Eye» is filled with tears

Lake Synevyr — the largest lake of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Included in the national natural Park «Sinevir». It is located at an altitude of about 1 km above sea level and is considered to be one of the business cards of the Carpathians.
The scenic mountainous area covered with 100 year old pines to the shores, and crystal lake constitute a wonderful place to stay. In the middle of the pond there is an island that looks from the water, reminding the pupil. Therefore, another name of the lake — the»Sea Eye».
Formed by a natural valley not only pleases the sight, but curious and excites the human imagination. Here on the shore with a wooden 13-foot monument «VIR and Blue». Its heroes are a girl and a guy are destined to be together. According to legend, the poor guy Vira killed the girl’s father is Blue, so they were not together. Then she cried for a long time, which filled a lake with their tears.
Close to the lake built hotels, bases of rest and cottages. Here you can not only swim, but go fishing. An excellent option to spend time to be led-walk, tour, or hike to interesting places.

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Hust — volcanic mountain and the valley of daffodils

The city is located in the Transcarpathian region and bordering the rivers Tisa, Rick and Khustets’. On the banks of rivers many beaches. They are mostly pebble and parolee grass. However, the surrounding scenery of mountains and forests compensate for this small drawback.
In the city there is a mountain of volcanic origin. It in 1090 the fortress was laid with a lock. He served as a guard the salt mines in Solotvino. To have survived only the ruins of medieval buildings. However, the mountain offers magnificent views of the surrounding hills, and the Hust is on the palm of your hand.
Besides the castle the town has several churches, the oldest of which was built in the XIII century.

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Near Justa is Kireshi tract, which is known as the valley of daffodils. Every year these flowers cover the color of the entire valley. With daffodils hills look unique.
The city has a number of hotels and hostels. And in the neighbouring village Veliatyn can not only relax but also improve your health in a sanatorium. Here is the treatment of the thermal waters that are extracted from the 100-meter wells.

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The resort is an amazing resort hidden in a mountain bowl

The town of Skhidnytsia is located in Lviv region and is a resort of national importance. It is famous for its mineral waters.
Skhidnytsia is located in a picturesque valley and surrounded by mountains which form as it were a bowl. Therefore, the town has an especially mild climate. Besides, nearby is a national Park Skolovskom Beskids and the remains of the rock fortress Tustan.
The city has a number of balneological health resorts. In them, for the treatment and prevention of diseases, use special mineral water that it produces. In the village and nearby there are 38 springs and 17 wells of mineral water with different chemical composition.
In the town you can relax and enjoy the surrounding nature. It is also worth to go to a number of interesting excursions that are offered here.

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