Romantic beach in the UK hides a heartbreaking secret

Romantic beach in the UK hides a heartbreaking secret

Bay beach can only be seen during low tide of the sea.

In the County of Cornol that Uk there is a mysterious cave that hides a secret of unrequited love. It is located on the beach of Crantock and accessible only during low tide. On its wall is carved a bas-relief with a female profile, a verse and a horse. It is believed that the lady depicted was killed during one of the tides.

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According to legend, the girl was walking along the beach on horseback near caves but the rapid influx of water isolated her in a Bay surrounded by cliffs, writes the Sun. She was unable to escape and drowned near the cave. Subsequently the beloved girl, known as Joseph Prater, went to find her, but found none. He was so disappointed that I decided to remember utoplennica cut verse. Kearton

The verse says: «haven’t aged my face, but let me find peace in this lone cave by the sea. Let the wild waves around me roar, kissing my lips forever.»

There is evidence that Joseph Prater existed in reality. It is mentioned in the «Handbook Kelly» — the book of accounting of entrepreneurs and nobles, 1930. It says that he lived in the Western Pensare, directly above the cave, and worked on a dairy factory. Joseph was baptized in Kubitskey of the Church in 1860, in the presence of the parents of Nathan and Susan Prater.

Records indicate that in 1913, Joseph married Lily Jenkin. It could be the woman who died at sea.

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