Spy games, interrogations, and razvesti: in new York, the Museum opened the secret agents

Spy games, interrogations, and razvesti: in new York, the Museum opened the secret agents

Visitors at the entrance are handed a digital wristband so they can explore their own spy skills.

In new York city in Manhattan, began working SpyceCape a unique Museum dedicated to espionage. Its area is about 60 thousand square meters, which filled with a variety of interactive spy games, state of the art displays and are highlighted with led spotlights in the tradition of films about James bond.

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In General, the Museum is divided into seven halls devoted to: deception, espionage, tracking, demolition, reconnaissance, cyber warfare and special operations, writes CNN. All exhibitions and installations are unique and were created especially for the opening SpyceCape.

«SpyceCape is more of a huge entertainment center than a Museum in its classical sense,» say the founders.

Visitors are handed a digital wristband at the entrance, so they can explore their own spy skills, completing tasks. As a result, in the intelligence room, you can learn about his role in the spy world. So, during a visit, guests can be as investigators and suspects, as well as to get to the «interrogation», where they will check on the lie detector.

In addition, in the Museum you can check whether you have the makings of a spy, hacker, cryptologist, intelligence analyst employee of the operative division of special services, the officer of the watch and technologist.

«We have several years devoted to the development of all locations and individual attractions of the Museum, and even attracted to his creation of the ex-head of British intelligence and several leading industrial psychologists», — said the head of the «staff» SpyceCape.

The founders believe that the Museum is quite accurately conveys the real spy world, at least, a side of him that may be of interest to ordinary people.

We will remind, earlier in Tokyo have created a sophisticated technology Museum, combining nature and media. There will be no static objects, but space will fill interactive and multimedia projections illusions. The project should completely change the way people think about Museum standards, and to show the aesthetic combination of technology and nature.


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