The black forest and a cursed place. On the outskirts of the towering ruins of Nevitsky castle of the Bloody Countess

The black forest and a cursed place. On the outskirts of the towering ruins of Nevitsky castle of the Bloody Countess

Stunning panoramas and horrifying tales brought to the castle the crowds.

The castle is located between the villages of this place and the Kamienica, 15 km from Uzhgorod in Transcarpathia. Hence another name – it. However, to get to the fortress from the settlement of Kamenica.

The castle, which is now a wreck, has long had a bad fame and was considered a bad place to avoid. Locals say that here even the birds do not fly, and the surrounding forest is called «Black». Rumor has it that in the vicinity of the castle and now accidents happen. Travelers are advised to climb to the castle on foot, not by car, and stay until dark.

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The reason prejudice is cruel reign of the Countess, which owned the surrounding land. According to various sources, it was either the wife of jános Druget – Anna, or the bloody Countess Elizabeth Bathory. Accordingly, the period when it was under the «Bad lady», remains definitely unknown.

However, the rules of the evil Countess so that the legends about her retell today. They say that MS changed the castle, taking from the peasants all she needed. The walls were so tight, she even ordered the lime chicken eggs and breast milk, died from what a lot of babies.

Many stories agree that after the completion of the impregnable castle of its atrocities have not stopped. Mistress demanded that everyone worshipped her, when he sees, and unwilling ordered to cut off the head. Besides, she believed that the blood of young girls rejuvenates the skin. Countess Ruse lured the girls to the castle, citing the fact that they need to learn noble manners. After the unfortunate shut down in the dungeons, abused, drank blood, and took a bloody bathtub.

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Finally, one of the legends concerning Anne Druget, the Countess was killed during the uprising. If it was Elizabeth Bathory – the Countess told Church officials, she was tried and walled up in one of the rooms of the Cachtice castle in Slovakia. The castle also belonged to the family of the bloody Countess Bathory.

The ruins of the castle towering on the mountain of volcanic origin, on the river Oh. The rock remains in a dilapidated state, survived only one tower and thick walls. However, locals say that even now the castle is the haunting shadow of «Bad mistress».

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With the citadel affords a magnificent panorama, and its walls and tower are atmospheric photo shoots. In addition, the road to the castle is a sanatorium and a lot of «Wagner Park». But on the river Alone preserved the dam, near which you can go fishing in the summer and swim.

Earlier it was told about the Transcarpathian village of Serednye, where you can see the ruins of Ukraine’s only castle of the knights Templar. In addition, the settlement preserved the ancient cave tunnels that now serve as wine cellars. It is believed that currently here the wine has a special taste.

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