The cinematic island of Ukraine. When and who made films on the island.

The cinematic island of Ukraine. When and who made films on the island.

On the island of Khortytsia was filmed a lot of movies, and not all of the Cossack era.

Khortytsya island and the Cossack glory a symbol of freedom of the Ukrainian people. But the incredible scenery and the mighty Dnieper river attracts thousands of tourists. But not only tourists living in the island, with great history and unique panoramas are drawn to it and even the filmmakers and Directors.
Khortytsya has repeatedly made films. Not only of the Cossack era, and more intimate events.
«I – Khortytsya» – the work of the Odessa film Studio 1981. The film tells about the difficult days of August 1941, when enemy troops approached Zaporozhye, Khortytsya already captured and with its high banks were shelling the city.

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However, most of the tapes still on the theme of the Cossacks.
The film «Duma about Taras Bulba» was presented in 2009. Filmed not by the book but rather based on it. However the Director’s interpretation was quite interesting and colorful. Attracted the whole island complex «Zaporizhzhya Sich», equestrian theater, and even one of the restaurants of Khortitsa.
Special attention deserves a documentary about the legendary warriors – Cossacks, who filmed the BBC. The main platform – Sich. Shooting attracted not actors or stuntmen, and the modern Cossacks.

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Joint with British broadcaster film credits were for Cossacks, not the first. They also starred in two films-the tales of a young Ukrainian Director Anton Zhadko – «Cossack tales» and «Cossack and death.»
For details, see the subject headings «Miy Punic» program «snidanok z «1+1».

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In addition to the reconstructed Zaporozhian fortress, the island has a Museum of the Cossacks. It presents interesting artifacts that were found on the island during excavations.

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