The city where all the interesting «specially» gathered nearby for tourists. 5 reasons to visit Zhovkva

The city where all the interesting «specially» gathered nearby for tourists. 5 reasons to visit Zhovkva

Exquisite architecture and rich history make Zholkva one of the most interesting provincial cities.

Zhovkva is a small town, a district center in Lviv region. However, it has a great history. Its time Zhovkva was the residence of Polish king stayed here, the ambassadors of the Pope, the kings and emperors. And during the construction of the city was embodied in a special architectural design. Central Plaza here can compete in beauty with any other in the whole of Ukraine.
Told the staff to examine and to remember all at once is impossible. And among the many photos is not easy to choose the best, because every corner of the old town in its own interest.
TSN.Tourism has prepared 5 reasons to visit the ancient town of Zhovkva.
1. Zhovkva was built according to the principle of the ideal cities of the Baroque era
Around the Central Assembly area are concentrated all the important buildings. This is done not only for beauty but also for convenience. As well as buildings used for the defense of the city. Previously, the Central square was a Market. In the historical part holds about 55 monuments.

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Highlights: castle of Stanislaw Zolkiewski, the Church of St. Lawrence and the town hall. Besides, the old town was surrounded by defensive walls with four gates. To survived two Glinsky and Zvirynetsky.

2. In the town lies the commander, who seized Moscow
The city was founded in 1603 the Polish crown Hetman Stanislaw Zolkiewski. It is famous that opened in Lviv Jesuit Collegium. And, in 1610, he, by controlling Polish-Ukrainian troops took Moscow, and was for some time warden in it.
The commander was buried in the Church of St. Lawrence, in the Central square of Zhovkva. There is a gravestone Zolkiewski, where are mentioned the cities which he conquered. Besides him, here lie the members of the family of the Polish king Jan III Sobieski.

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3. Zhovkva was the residence of Polish king Jan III Sobieski
It Zhovkva chose the residence of the king of Poland Jan III Sobieski. The monarch not only guarded the city, but also develops it. During his rule in 1687 and built the city hall. It was a sundial and the inscription «Measure by measure, and selling and kupno time». However, it has not survived to our time. New town hall laid in 1932. It was erected on a competitive project.

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The present Church of St. Lazarus built by order of the king’s son Jakub. in 1735 the place of the wooden structures built a Church and a hospital. Byelkin

4. On the walls of temples depicted the saints in embroidery and famous Ukrainians
In Zhovkva survived a series of sacred buildings. Among these: the Church of St. Lawrence (1618), the monastery of Basilian fathers (1612), Dominican monastery (1655) and St Lazarus Church (1735). The site of the stone relics were earlier wooden temples, and each was chosen. The wooden Holy Trinity Church (1720) is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.
When visiting temples, you should pay attention to the internal painting. They have been preserved from the time of laying the temples and expanded throughout their existence. So, Basilian monastery was restored in 1932-34. On its walls are depicted the saints in the Ukrainian embroidered shirts, Cossacks, bringing gifts to the newborn Jesus, and the Act of reunification of Western and Eastern regions of Ukraine in the framework of one state.

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5. Seven historical cities and towns
During the national contest «7 wonders of Ukraine» Zhovkva received a special award. The Commission drew attention to the perfectly preserved buildings and interesting architecture. And the number of monuments Zhovkva is one of the richest in the Lviv region.
Read more about the city’s participation in the competition described in the story TSN.

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August 20, 2016, 20:42

These are just some of the attractions of the city, which is rich in architecture and historical events, but also on the luxurious nature that surrounds it. Through the city flows the river Pig. There is a legend that it was named so during the reign of Peter I. During the great Northern war, the monarch lived in the Palace Zolkiewski. Rumor has it that he drank hard liquor «like a pig» — and fell into the river. However, it is this unknown, and the legend lives on among the people.

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