The effect of the Dead sea: «the Royal baths» and rejuvenating brine kuyal’nitskogo estuary

The effect of the Dead sea: «the Royal baths» and rejuvenating brine kuyal’nitskogo estuary

Campers talk about the amazing effect after the first mud baths and bathing in the estuary.

Odessa – a unique city, with its own kitchen, a particular language and the personal «Dead sea«. It is located on the outskirts of Odessa and is called kuyal’nitskogo estuary.
The resort is on the shores of the estuary has existed since 1834. And it mulawa-sulphate mud attract tourists a rejuvenating effect. Kuyal’nitskogo mud contains 15 trace minerals, antibiotics and even hormones. And if you soak in salt water brine, then you will have almost the whole periodic table.

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At the resort you can take a «Royal bath». It not only rejuvenates, but also treats vascular diseases, nervous system, improves hormonal balance and enhances immunity. Themselves only the mud of the estuary contribute to the decrease of inflammatory processes, strengthen immunity and restore function of damaged organs and body systems, and is also commonly used in the treatment of infertility.

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The area of kuyal’nitskogo estuary ranges from 52 to 60 square kilometres (approximately a quarter of the area of Odessa), and the depth of about one meter. The water level in the estuary and salinity are changed regularly. Near the pond is the lowest point of Ukraine — 5 meters below sea level.
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