The journey at the last moment: 5 best places for holidays in may

The journey at the last moment: 5 best places for holidays in may

TSN.ia has all sorts of interesting places easy to go for the weekend.

Approaching Easter and may holidays, which will allow Ukrainians to take a break from work for several days.
However, not all will have the opportunity to prepare for the vacation in advance and will leave at the last moment.
Therefore, TSN.ia decided to find five interesting places that located not far from the capital and easily accessible, even on holidays.
Ethnographic complex «Ukrainian village»
Kyiv region, village Buzovaya
15 km from Kiev
If the may holidays, which this year came the Easter, you will want to become closer to Ukrainian traditions, Pie isn’t the only place to go.
Just 15 km from Kiev, is situated the ethnographic complex «Ukrainian village», where interestingly entwined ancient tradition with modernity. In the complex you can enjoy a tour of the Museum, visit a working temple, to participate in master classes in pottery or blacksmithing.
In addition, the territory offered to try traditional Ukrainian meals or, it is customary for the may holidays, to fry outdoors barbecue.
The most interesting place for children is a small zoo with pigs, ponies, donkeys and deer.

Trying to get from Kiev: by bus, car

Korostyshevskiy career
Zhytomyr region, Korostyshiv
105 km from Kiev
Only 100 km from the capital around Korostyshev is located on picturesque artificial career. Deep in the forest before the tourists a picturesque artificial lake, which appeared here at the flooded quarry. Rocky shores, cliffs with a height of 10 meters, which are incredibly reminiscent of the landscapes of Karelia, fascinating beauty.
Between trees and artificial lakes is easy to find a glade for a picnic and relax, watching the incredible scenery.
Trying to get from Kiev: by bus, car.

Radomysl Castle
Zhytomyr region, Radomyshl town
109 km from Kiev
To visit this castle can be almost close to Kiev itself. Historical and cultural complex «Radomysl Castle» — private Museum complex created in the city of Radomyshl (Zhytomyr oblast), the Ukrainian physician and politician Olga Bogomolets. The complex, which resembles a fortress, is Europe’s only Museum of Ukrainian domestic icon.
In addition to the unique Museum and concert hall with a live source, visitors can walk through the landscaped Park, full of rare plants and underwater sources of drinking water. In castle landscape Park animals — beavers, otters, Minks, water rats, and birds — starlings, storks, woodpeckers.
Trying to get from Kiev: by bus, by car.

Facebook/Radomysl Castle/Castle Radomysl

142 km from Kyiv
It is an ancient Ukrainian city on the picturesque banks of the Desna. First the traits of the modern Chernihiv those who have been there at least once, – churches: small churches, huge churches, which gleam in the hills and ancient monasteries. And cheaper of all, they look in the spring, amid lush green vegetation.
Under the city there are not less ancient caves, where brave souls can feel the breath of Ukrainian history.
Armed with a map and a good mood, the historical center of Chernigov can walk for a few hours. You should start with the citadel of Ancient Chernihiv, where at the moment incredible view on the Gums. Here stands the ornament of Chernihiv – Katerinskiy Cathedral, which is now one of the benchmarks of Ukrainian (Cossack) Baroque.
After a long walk in Chernigov in the city center can be comfortably placed in one of the many cozy cafes or in the Park and watch as the town comes to the evening. Chernihiv night with incredible lighting of churches capable of hitting no more than surprised by the day.
Trying to get from Kiev: on the bus, train, train, car

Sophia Park
Cherkasy region, Uman
208 km from Kiev
And yet, for the holidays, especially in good weather, I want to spend more time in nature. Therefore, it is worth to visit the Park «Sofiivka» in Uman. Large arboretum was established over 200 years ago. «Sofiyivka» has a very romantic history of its Foundation, because the Park is the Polish count Potocki, devoted to his wife.
In the Park, which will be interesting to walk together, and a great company. greens (about 2000 species of trees and 1,000 plants) harmoniously interwoven with the statues of the heroes of the myths of Ancient Greece. In General, the whole atmosphere of the Park is riddled with mystery, because you can visit the grotto «Fear and doubt» and watch the small waterfall.
Trying to get from Kiev: to Uman by train, bus

However, if you have several days to prepare for the trip on may weekend is to visit several places far beyond Kiev region.
In the first few days of may have day Lviv. For several days the city virtually ceases to work and is totally dedicated to the festive atmosphere. However, the flow of tourists for holidays in Lviv are crazy.
Closer to the Carpathians, will have to go for those who want to visit the blacksmiths Festival in Ivano-Frankivsk, which falls on the following Easter weekend. For a few days the area of «Bastion» on the territory of the reconstructed Stanislav Bastion fortress turns into one big forge. In the role of blacksmiths will be able to try everyone.


But in order to see for the holidays real sea of daffodils, tourists will have to go all the way to Transcarpathia. Near the small town Khust appeared to be a valley of daffodils that begin to bloom in may.


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