The secrets of the village Average: a Grand cave with stocks of wine and the ruins of the Templar castle

The secrets of the village Average: a Grand cave with stocks of wine and the ruins of the Templar castle

The ruins of the knightly castle, the caves, hollowed out by the Turks, and tasty wine you can find in the village in Transcarpathia.

Incredible people, fantastic landscapes and magic forests — charms, which Transcarpathia never ceases to attract thousands of tourists every year. However, in addition to several famous places for vacation in the Carpathian mountains there are villages, which hardly anyone heard. But that doesn’t make them less interesting and have something to impress the curious tourists. One of those unknown villages in between.
Village between Mukachevo and Uzhgorod. There are two mystery spots to see. Secondary primarily known as a wine. Its territory has been preserved underground tunnels and cellars, which is about five hundred years.

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After the victory of the Hungarians over the Ottoman Empire, were taken prisoner, several thousand Turks. They picks knocked tunnels that we can visit now. The work was conducted, as spoken in the Middle «to the last» Turk, no one survived. All the prisoners during the work died. The legends say that the tunnel was built for ten years.
4.5 kilometers of cellars was first a refuge for people during various wars and uprisings. And later became a warehouse for wine, which is saved here and now. The size of the barrels in the tunnels reach two meters in diameter.
These cellars are unique conditions for wine storage. So it was very popular in his time at the Royal court. But local winemakers rented the whole basement of the street to store their barrels.

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In the Average village there is one very mysterious place – a Castle of the Templars – the only one on the territory of modern Ukraine. The Templars in Transcarpathia appeared in the TWELFTH century. From here they carried salt in Europe. However, this order disappeared quickly, and the castle stood still for several centuries and has survived uprisings, wars, in the end it was almost nothing left.
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Videomay Guide. Turkish cellars with wine and the Templar castle in Transcarpathia

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