The Ukrainian Versailles. Journey to the luxurious Palace in Samchyky

The Ukrainian Versailles. Journey to the luxurious Palace in Samchyky

The tourists are amazed by a huge Park and presentable Palace in the village of Khmelnytskyi region.

Estate of Chechel is located in the village of Samchyky Khmelnytskyi region. There is also a Park, a number of outbuildings and the Palace. The latter has almost not been restored since the XIX century, so visitors can see the original wall painting, gorgeous ceiling mouldings and architraves over Windows and doors. The Palace is designed in the classical style, became popular in the early nineteenth century.

Palace and Park in Samchyky appeared in the early XVIII century. They were built for the Polish nobleman Jan Checkage. However, the current form of the manor was in business here haysyn warden Paul Chechel. He built a new Palace, rebuilt the Park and outbuildings. It Cossack Colonel brought in Samchyky masters from Italy, France, and Ireland, to add the estate unique and unique features.

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With luxurious facades and the interiors of the Palace sometimes called the «Ukrainian Versailles». And no wonder, because such saved and ostentatious architecture of the period of classicism in Ukraine. Best halls: Blue, Red and Roman. And also noteworthy style room, the walls of which from floor to ceiling are covered with paintings. It is believed that they were written by a famous artist of XIX century, Mikhail Vrubel. [hat Suckr verlassen]

And the facade of the main entrance is decorated with relief in Roman style with images of the goddess of love Venus, goddess of fertility Ceres and the emblem of Cecela – «Elite». Here, at the door, sit two lions – one meets smiling and the other with sadness accompanies guests. In ancient times, it has emphasized the hospitality of the owners. In General, all facades decorated with stucco, and near the entrance are preserved the fountain.

But the Palace is not the only thing worth seeing in the estate of «Windows». Well preserved the surrounding Park with an area of 18 hectares, with ancient trees, of which there are about 200 species. Among other attractions – a big fridge, or ladawna that was used for food storage. It is built in Chinese style — the corners of the roof twisted upward and the top is crowned by a spire.

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I should add that the Palace and Park ensemble «Windows» attracts with its luxury of not only travelers but also filmmakers. On its territory were removed episodes for 7 movies, including «Spellbound love», «Wolf heart» and «Three.» As well as at the national contest «7 wonders of Ukraine» manor of Chechel was one of the nominees from Khmelnytskyi region.

How to get there and when running historical and cultural reserve «Samchiki»:

Estate of Cecala in Samchyky can be visited every day except Monday. The reserve runs from 09:00 to 16:00 on weekends and from 09:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. Samchyky is situated 260 km from Kiev, 60 km from Khmelnitskiy and 15 km from the city center of Starokonstantinov. From the regional and district centers can be reached by direct bus.

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The cost of a bus ticket from Kiev to Starokonstantinov – from 260 UAH, and train on the same route – from 160 UAH.

The details of the estate of Chechel in Samchyky see the subject headings «Miy Punic» program «snidanok z 1+1».

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