TOP 5 amazing parks in the world that will give unforgettable emotions

TOP 5 amazing parks in the world that will give unforgettable emotions

Unique, spectacular and dangerous slide in the world where you will not be bored.

Summer is vacation time, travel and bright impressions. However, even on the sea coast sometimes unbearable heat and spend their vacation in a hotel not interested. For entertainment in such cases it is possible to visit the water parks, which abound in modern resorts. You can always hide in the shade and drink cooling drinks. And, of course, to slide, to receive another charge of adrenaline and unforgettable emotions.
TSN.Tourism has prepared a list of the most interesting and largest water parks in the world that are definitely worth seeing.

Beach Park

The Park is located in the municipality of Aquiraz, state of SIAR, Brazil. Wonderful water Park with lots of slides. Most rest areas and slopes are designed for adults or children older than 10 years. The big advantage would be that Aquiraz located on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. Rovielo

Waterbom Bali

The Park is located in Kuta, on the territory of the Indonesian island of Bali. The Park is considered one of the most luxurious in Asia. The slides are there, both for kids and for adults, what level of security everywhere at the highest level. A wonderful place for a family holiday, where you can have fun all day. Pande


The Park is located in Dubai, UAE. The largest water Park in the Emirate offers a variety of slides for descent, a huge 700-metre beach, the Dolphinarium and the underwater world. In the Museum you can observe the life of exotic fish. Near amusement Park has a hotel and many restaurants with varied cuisine. The water Park itself has some really awesome hills, from which to move out, will dare not everyone.

Makadi Water World

The Park is located in the Egyptian resort town of Hurghada. It is interesting because unlike another resort in the land of pyramids and pharaohs — Sharm El-Sheikh, the Egyptians live here all year round. But because in Hurghada worth a visit is the colorful local market and a mosque with a 40-metre minarets.
As for the Park, the slopes here everyone can find for themselves regardless of age. Makadi Water World is beautifully decorated and perfect for a family holiday for the whole day. In addition, some non-alcoholic drinks are free here. The water Park itself is located on site for residents it is free. However, the hotel itself is situated not on the coast, to which is buses.


The Park is located in the municipality of Belpasso of the Italian region of Sicily. Entertainment complex consists of a water Park and amusement Park. The territory is decorated with artificial rocks, ruins, trees and rivers for boating and along the alleys are the shapes of dinosaurs and different animals.

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