Travel on the weekends. 7 places of Kyiv, which differ in a unique atmosphere

Travel on the weekends. 7 places of Kyiv, which differ in a unique atmosphere

Autumn landscapes and interesting architecture will leave great impressions and wonderful photos.

Autumn brings warm days, which lacked in the summer. Therefore, there is a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend not in the four walls, and visit one of the attractions of the Kiev region. The journey will lift your spirits and add colour to our life, and most importantly, the combination of ancient architecture and the autumn landscapes will allow you to make excellent pictures, even if you are not professional.
TSN.Tourism has prepared 5 places of Kyiv for travel on the weekends.
The open air Museum in Pirogovo
Museum village is located in the suburbs of Kiev, near Holoseievski area. Collected here are old buildings from all regions of Ukraine. On its territory you can see: clay and wooden huts, windmills, old churches, cellars, beehives and various outbuildings.
The Museum house a number of cafes, visitors can buy Souvenirs and look at picturesque views that are held on the weekends. In holidays, there are fairs and master classes of folk art.
How to get there. From the metro station «Lybidska» there is a trolleybus №11 from the metro station «Academgorodok» – bus №576, from the metro station «Lukyanivska» – bus №496.

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Park «Feofania»
The Park is located in the Goloseevsky district of Kiev. It got its name from the historic area, which previously was located on the outskirts of the capital.
The Feofania Park is a wonderful place for walking. Among a number of alleys and bridges that lead around several ponds, you can make great photos. As it is located away from the subway, and travelers are less than in other Metropolitan parks. Decoration location is the St. Panteleimon monastery that rises above the lowland and rates.

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How to get there. From the metro station «Exhibition center» and «Race» can be reached by bus №548.
The Feofania Park address: vul. Academician Lebedev, 32.

The residence of ex-President «Mizhhiria»
Luxury estate located in the village of Novi Petrivtsi, near Kiev. Built the estate in the tract on the shore of the Kiev reservoir.
Here, everything is done with taste and panache: from the entrance gates to the houses are harmoniously arranged on the residence. Next to the alleys grow neatly cut bushes and ornamental trees, and spread around the model Park. Each gazebo, waterfall, pond or even a stone remind the individual artistic decision. And the magnificent bridges spanning the artificial ponds and the Bay, are unlikely to have analogues in Ukraine. The alleys of the estate can go down all the way to Kiev reservoir and to examine its vast panoramas.
In addition to a walk in the Park of the former President, for a fee, you can visit the exhibition of retro cars and dog training center.

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Entrance fee to the Park «Mezhyhiria» in the weekend 120 UAH for adults and 50 UAH for children.
How to get there. From the metro station «Petrovka» and «Heroes of Dnepr» Kiev city daily bus. Transport rides from 09:00 to 19:00 every hour.

Buchansky Park
The Bucha is located in 30 km from Kiev and more similar to the European province than Ukrainian village.
Decoration Buchi and the center of cultural life serves as a city Park. In addition to numerous alleys, arbors and harmonious landscaping there are a number of places for active recreation.
How to get there. To the city from the Kiev metro station «Heroes of Dnepr» travel routes.

Park «Alexandria»
The Park is situated in Bila Tserkva. The distance from Kiev is 90 km away.
The Park was built with a specific architectural design. It preserved examples of classical architecture: the rotunda, gazebo, colonnade «Echo» and an unusual Chinese statues and bridges. Development even compared to the circles of hell from «the divine Comedy» by Dante. So see here is what. But those who want to learn about the history of the Park can visit the Museum and book a tour.
How to get there. From Kiev, in the direction of Odessa and Uman, every 15-30 minutes Shuttle bus. Any of them can get to the White Church.

photo: Julia Zhelonkina

Park «Buki»
The Park is located in the village of Buki skvirsky district, Kyiv region. Distance from Kiev to the village is 115 km away.
In the Park you can stroll in the alleys and bridges, to make interesting photos, and visit the mini zoo and the «Alley tales». On site there is the temple, which was created specifically for the village of Buki. Next to the Shrine you can see the fountain-roulette, which was previously located in Kiev, on Independence square. Among the unusual monuments brought from Rusalka stone, near which it is possible to make a wish.

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How to get there. From Kiev directly to the village minibuses do not go. So you should go to the White Church or the Skvira. Bus Kiev-Sochi leaves from the metro station Lybidska at 8:00 and 10:20. Bus Skvyra-beeches leaves at 10:20 and 12:20. If you skip this step, you will have to take a taxi. Distance from Skvira to the Park is 14 km away.
The way back. From Beech at 17:30 rides the bus to a White Church. 17:30 of Skvira leaves the bus to Kiev. Denega

Mountain Totka
The place is located on the outskirts of the village of Medvyn, 30 km from the town of Bohuslav.
Mountain Totka known as a place of power. It attracts a lot of people positive energy. And poets, artists and musicians visit her, to find inspiration. The locals believe that the mountain can cure any disease and compare Totoku with Tibet.
Near the mountain you can find the source. Believe that its water has healing properties.

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Traveling to Totoki, you should visit the town of Bohuslav. Through it flows the river ROS, forming a natural boundary «Skala». On the background of the canyon can make for atmospheric photos, and the city has several museums and old churches.
How to get there. From Kiev to Bohuslav daily bus ride from the bus station «Vydubychi». Volnyanskyy

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