Travel tips. 7 things not to do while traveling

Travel tips. 7 things not to do while traveling

During the trip, should remember the personal security, with respect for nature and people.

Traveling is possible, even without harm to the environment or to get into an awkward situation. Therefore, you should follow the following tips to after returning home, left only pleasant memories.

1. You should not feed wild animals

One of the reasons that pushes people to feed wild animals – the desire to make them a photo memory. However, it is worth remembering that the animal may behave with hostility and even attack. Moreover, your products could be harmful to him.

2. Do not take photos of people without permission

In many countries, taking pictures of strangers without permission is prohibited by law. So before you make a shot with a stranger – ask permission.

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3. Don’t leave garbage behind

The Council is understandable, but often we forget about this simple rule. When travelling reserve, a large Park or an environmental trail – polyethylene waste is best to put in a backpack and throw in the trash in the city. Protected areas are often poorly funded and, therefore, are rarely removed.

4. Choose an alternative to the plane

First of all, planes emit into the air a lot of harmful substances. This leads to pollution and global warming. Therefore, the less resorting to flights, we protect the environment. Besides, the journey by train, bus or car will cost much cheaper.

5. Don’t waste too much money

Souvenirs worth buying away from the popular tourist locations, where they will cost much cheaper. And you can eat in the places favoured by locals. This will allow you to try the local cuisine and eat less.

6. Don’t take a selfie with the animals

Animals are kept illegally and in inappropriate conditions only in order to attract tourists. Photos, you encourage the owner to keep them further.

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7. Do not humiliate people

When traveling, be respectful to all people you meet on your way. And even if you are staying in one of the poorest places in the world – that is no reason to treat the local as to the exhibits.

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