What awaits you in Florence: the frescoes as a football field and «Stendhal syndrome»

What awaits you in Florence: the frescoes as a football field and «Stendhal syndrome»

Vacationers to gloss rubbed the snout of the Florentine boar, hoping to be back in the city.

One of the most beautiful cities in Italy — Florence. Here created the sculpture and painting of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The architecture of the city is incredible, it is still breathtaking.

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Walking around Florence, the person can even get a culture shock. In admiring the beauty of the city tourists dizzy, your heart rate increases, deteriorating motor coordination and may even appear hallucinating all this from the incredible amount of beauty. This condition is called «Stendhal syndrome». Rumor has it that French writer from Florentine architecture and art almost lost consciousness. Art is not only in museums and galleries — it’s everywhere, even on the street.

The pearl and the symbol of the city — the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and its enormous brick dome. Turn inside – never fades. And to get upstairs you need to overcome the 463 steps. But it’s really worth it. From the internal balcony can be seen the painting of the dome from the inside. It is covered with a huge mural – a work of art just on the ceiling, the size of a football field. But with the external decks offer lovely views of Florence.

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The city has preserved many historical and cultural attractions. Among them — palaces, historic bridges and churches. And galleries and museums in Florence are countless. Most popular gallery of the city located in the Florence Academy of art, the oldest in Europe. It is here that contains the original statue of «David» by Michelangelo and many other famous sculptures and paintings.

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One of the most crowded places of the city – near the Florentine boar, bronze copies of ancient sculptures made of marble. Say, who rubs his snout will return to Florence the following year.

It is worth mentioning that Florence is the sister city of Kiev. That is, between the two cities established friendly relations, to exchange experiences in resolving similar problems faced by city authorities and organizations.

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