Where and how to celebrate aviation Day. Four interesting places in Ukraine

Where and how to celebrate aviation Day. Four interesting places in Ukraine

26 Aug 2017 Ukraine will celebrate the Day of aviation. This annual holiday falls on the last Saturday of August.

Aviation day of Ukraine, celebrated by all who serve or have served in the air forces of Ukraine. And for those who want to get into the spirit of the profession, TSN has produced several interesting places to travel.
State aviation Museum of Ukraine
The largest Museum of Ukraine, dedicated to the air force. The number of sides it sixth in the world. Located in Kiev, near the airport «Zhulyany» — Medovaya street, 1.
The area of 70 hectares. it has about 70 exhibits. Part of the unique exhibits, a research or the first instances of the aircraft. Among the most interesting models: helicopter, which was used for elimination of consequences of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and missile-bombers Tupolev.

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From here you can go to the Park and Encouraging the Museum Mamayeva Sloboda. This Museum of ancient Ukrainian architecture. Here are about one hundred old buildings.


Motherland – the first Museum of the Second world war. The total height of the monument with the pedestal is 102 meters. In addition to the exhibits inside the monument was presented to the military and air equipment.


The Park and the alley next to the Museum is a great place to walk with friends and family. In addition to a tour of the Museum, visitors can climb on Board the Motherland and make unique photos. The cost — 200 UAH. And in the Museum of military equipment, for an additional fee, you can climb aboard some aircraft.


Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky – a city of museums
The city is located 90 kilometers from Kiev on the Left Bank of the Dnieper. Known fact that there are about 30 museums.
At the Museum of folk architecture and life of Central naddnepryanschiny you can see many interesting and historic buildings. Windmills, houses and churches. One of them in Soviet times was converted into a Museum space. And now you can see how on the Church walls are the icons and the crucifix. Here are the Rovers and other things for space exploration.

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The space Museum is located in the Church of the Holy Paraskevi. Besides him ,there are museums of folk embroidery, beekeeping, land transport and agriculture. In the latter, an an-2 plane, which bore the eloquent title «the winged farmer».


Voronovitsky Palace
In the village of Voronovytsia, Vinnytsia region, is located another interesting Museum. On the one hand, it is a magnificent Palace owned by the political and military leaders of the Commonwealth – Grokholsky. The building was founded in the XVIII century to the present day and has retained its greatness.
And besides, 9 June 2017, the solemn opening of the restored Palace. Was restored facades, luxurious interior with stucco and replaced all the Windows.


In this Palace carried out his studies of the inventor of the world’s first aircraft Mozhaiskogo. A unique plane to the fact that it was first built in real value and is heavier than air. Alexander Mozhaisky worked here from 1869 until 1876. Among the exhibits presented not only the results of the work of the designer, but in General exhibits on the history of aviation and cosmonautics.


In addition to walking the building, guests can admire the remains of a picturesque Park, which is preserved near the Palace.

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