10 common mistakes of tourists that make it difficult to make the journey more comfortable and interesting

10 common mistakes of tourists that make it difficult to make the journey more comfortable and interesting

Should use the online ticketing and booking of accommodation, to avoid unpleasant surprises during the trip.

The quality of recreation and emotions are influenced by factors that are sometimes not thought out in advance. So, in the popular location can be an endless queue that will spoil the mood or too much things hurt to enjoy a walk near interesting attractions. So TSN.Tourism has prepared a selection of common errors that allow tourists.

1. To settle on the outskirts of the city for saving money

The cost of rental housing on the outskirts, of course, will be cheaper, but the abandoned areas of the suburbs can spoil the whole travel experience. In addition, if you are planning to relax in Europe, the fare in public transport can negate all the savings.

It is best to choose housing within 15-30 minutes walk from the centre. So, will be able to find a «middle ground» between the money spent, the time and the impressions received.

If you live in the place where you plan to spend the time, you can always go to your room to change, to take necessary things with you or leave junk.

2. To pay for something you can get for free

There are a number of services that allow you to travel around Europe and the world, saving on accommodation, excursions and visits to museums.

One of the most popular for booking free housing — «Couchsurfing». Thanks to him we can find shelter in more than 200 countries. Option is ideal for those wishing to travel cheaply, to get acquainted with the culture of the region and to find new friends.

During the trip, you can save money on visiting museums, because most of them have open days. You can learn about them on the Internet. And free tours may occasionally host local, who want to acquaint tourists with the flavor of their city. It should be ready in the case of free entrance to cultural institutions there will be more visitors than usual.

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3. To pay little attention to reviews

Read reviews on restaurants, hotels, historical and cultural locations is almost as important as reviewing the General information on the sites. So, you can not only read testimonials, see real photos, but also to protect themselves from spoiled evening or the whole stay.

4. To take a lot of things

Don’t try to bring your entire wardrobe, give preference to those things which are in harmony with each other. Take only the clothes you will wear, because the result is «score» a bag that you bring home, not wearing even once.

5. To take only cash or credit card

This applies mainly to overseas travel. It is important to have not just cash, but that is small money. If you decide to buy something in, say, Egypt, Turkey or Israel for dollars, then it may be that the seller has no change. Usually, it could just be a ploy to Jack up the price or give the dollar some unnecessary detail.

Furthermore, traveling abroad is to have cards of several banks. In case if one of them will block for any reason.

6. Afraid to go to strangers

While walking do not be afraid to clarify the way the locals, because it can save your time and nerves. In addition, this is a unique opportunity to talk to people you may never meet under normal circumstances.

In this case, it is necessary to be cautious with strangers that are too Intrusive to offer their help.

7. Try to see all

Is reasonably allocate your time. So, if the city fails to fully explore in one day, identify the most interesting locations or places where it is concentrated most of the attractions. So will probably get to see less but more, while appreciating each twist.

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8. To go in peak season

Impassable crowds of tourists can ruin the mood, even in coveted areas. In addition, in the off-season housing will be cheaper. Overall, this will save not only money, but time.

We have already mentioned how to save money, avoid the crowds and visit amazing parts of the world.

9. Not to buy tickets online

To get to the world famous, often need to stand in endless queues. Solution may be to purchase tickets online. This service is available in a number of popular cultural European landmarks.

10. To spend money on unnecessary Souvenirs

Instead of bring a variety of figurines, vases and other things to collect dust better spend these funds on an interesting excursion or visit some nevicare place that will remain in memory for years to come.

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