10 incredibly beautiful places in the world that are better suited for traveling in 2018

10 incredibly beautiful places in the world that are better suited for traveling in 2018

Named places yet remain aloof from the popular tourist destinations, despite the remarkable local monuments and wonders of nature.

While thinking where to go in 2018, is to choose not only among popular locations. There will probably be long lines and high prices. And, besides, there are many areas that remain little-known but incredibly beautiful and interesting.

So, in 2018, the year should visit the countries that have not yet overwhelmed by tourists, or where there will be some really good events-like the Eurovision song contest or Olympic games. About this in his compilation of interesting new directions writes CNN. TSN.Tourism has selected 10 of the most amazing and colourful of them.

Cape Verde islands

The Islands of Cape Verde – the perfect destination for an exotic vacation. They are located near the West coast of Africa and combines the African, Iberian and Brazilian cultural heritage. However, Cape Verde has a unique view of Paradise. This concerns both the weather and the surrounding landscapes.

The Islands are located in the 570 kilometers from the nearest city on mainland Africa, Dakar. They are of volcanic origin, and therefore are cozy beaches and bays contrast with toothy peaks and gorges. Among these opposites, there are many luxurious hotels and rainforest bungalows, connected by winding cobbled alleys surrounded by Dragon trees.

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One of the most popular destinations of the archipelago – the city of Mindelo on the island são Vicente. Here holidaymakers swimming in the bays of the Atlantic ocean, drinking local rum and food, listening to folk songs in the national dialect.


National Park, Botum Sakor, Cambodia

In the South-West corner of Cambodia is a huge national Park Botum Sakor. Here are concentrated the natural wonders of this country, from tropical evergreen forests to coastal plains and cliffs.

About 180 acres of the Park is the so-called southwest corridor of the elephants. It is home to the largest population of Asian elephants and many rare birds and animals.

Around the Park there are a number of hotels and bungalows, built in a vintage style to stay in the wild. They are located near rivers, picturesque waterfalls and rocky on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Here you can not only observe the nature with inhabited territory and swim in the Gulf, but also to go on a Safari into the reserve.

www.flickr.com/Jesús Roncero

Valletta, Malta

The capital of Malta – Valletta – called cultural center of Europe in 2018. The country is located in the Mediterranean sea, between Italy and Tunisia. The culture of these countries are intertwined on the island and in 20 minutes you can «move» from Ancient Greece to the Middle East. A similar contrast is visible in the architecture, and even in cooking, thanks to the cuisine served to the table.

While that Valletta is not included to the popular cruise and tourist routes, in contrast to Venice and Rome. Therefore, there can be no excessive crowds and island beaches to relax on, and local attractions to explore. The jewel of the city is the Cathedral of St. John – knight, who was a native of Malta. And a nice bonus to uncrowded resorts of the island are still photos in Instagram that can few boast.

Gozo – the island of the Maltese archipelago, which is also worthy of attention. Here before over the Bay was located rock arch «Blue eyes», which became famous thanks to the TV series «Game of thrones«but she collapsed in 2017. However, in Gozo will be interesting to see the steep, rocky shores, forming a cozy coves with deserted beaches and azure-green water.



The countries of former Yugoslavia are becoming increasingly popular destinations for holidays in Europe. This applies in particular to Croatia and Montenegro, which attract tourists to the luxurious shores of the Adriatic sea. But Serbia, among the former Soviet republics, remains the least visited. One of the reasons the country is not bounded by any sea.

However, Serbia has a number of other advantages. Thus, the country should go to learn about the history, explore the amazing monuments and wonders of nature, and to try different varieties of local cheeses. However, holidays in Serbia will be much cheaper compared to neighboring States.

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Winter in Serbia should go for the National parks Kopaonik and «Zlatibor». Here you can ride on skis or snowboard and explore the karst rocks, covered with pine needles. In addition, another Park «Tara» – would be a good option for summer travel. It attracts travelers pristine mountain landscapes, rivers, animals and a huge artificial lake Zaovine.

I should add that a lot of ancient architecture, among the Soviet buildings, preserved in the Serbian capital Belgrade. In addition, the trip here is also an opportunity to see the Danube. And from Belgrade is possible to leave a direct route to the seaside town of Bar in Montenegro.


Nagano, Japan

Nagano – Wellness and ski resort in Japan. He is popular due to its hot springs hot spring, around which arose the sanatorium and the infrastructure of the city. In addition, there were the Winter Olympic games 1998. In the surrounding area of Nagano there are a number of ski slopes for skiing and boarding, as well as hotels with different levels of service. Some of them were built last year and otherwise prepare for the summer Olympic games 2020 to be held in Tokyo.

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In Nagano, it is necessary to go not only for an active or Wellness vacation – here there are many monuments of ancient Japanese architecture. So, far from the city is to explore the castle, Matsumoto of the XVI century.

www.flickr.com/Cheng Yang, Chen

Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is an ancient port city with its beaches, bathed by the waters of the Atlantic ocean. In addition, there are preserved buildings of the old quarters and the huge Fort of the XVIII century. However, the resort has the best hotels in Morocco. And yet, in Essaouira the local fishermen constantly bring fresh fish, which you can buy at the market or enjoy at one of the restaurants.

Despite all the charm, Essaouira is less popular among Moroccan resorts compared to Marrakesh, Agadir and Casablanca. And so on the ocean coastline and near popular tourist attractions, the architecture is not very crowded.

One of the drawbacks of the resort is the powerful winds that blow from the Atlantic ocean and make waves. But it allows surfing and wind surfing.

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The Island Of Crete, Greece

The island of Crete is worth a visit for those who want to explore the architecture of the ancient Greeks, a little to learn more about mythology and laze on the Mediterranean beaches.

In 2017, the capital city of Heraklion is the most popular city among the new tourist destinations of Europe. Travelers are attracted to the island mountains and valleys that occupy a large portion of it, and the picturesque scenery of the embankments.

The history buffs come to explore the archaeological treasures left behind by Minojsky civilization – one of the oldest in Europe. Heraklion archaeological Museum holds many statues, bas-reliefs, amphorae, jewelry, drawings and miniatures of the historic buildings that will interest those who are fond of mythology. Another landmark is the Palace of Knossos with the labyrinth of the Minotaur.

The best time to travel to Crete is from April to October. At this time, will be able not only to explore the nature and sights of the island, but to swim in the sea and diving. Diving here is particularly interesting in that, in addition to landscapes, you can explore the wrecks of World war II.

visualhunt.com/Over Doz

Pyeongchang, Republic Of Korea

Experienced travelers have long known about the ski resort South Korea – Pyeongchang-gun (PyeongChang), but he was never among the popular tourist destinations. However, in 2018, the city got worldwide fame thanks to the holding of the Olympic winter games from 9 to 25 February.

The mountains around Pyeongchang is flat, there are no rocks with steep slopes like the North Japanese. But the city has modern hotels, high-quality ski runs of incredible length and speed of Skye passes. And in connection with the Olympics greatly improved the infrastructure of the town and opened several new Hiking trails.

www.flickr.com/Republic of Korea

Lisbon, Portugal

The capital of Portugal Lisbon is located on hills sloping down to the Atlantic coast to the Bay Tahoe. The shore here is dotted with numerous elegant gardens with statues that border the small harbours and magnificent beaches.

The city is known for historic buildings: a triumphal arch of Rua Augusta and St. George’s castle, and a number of different fortresses and squares, cathedrals and monasteries. In addition, Lisbon is famous for its panoramas with colorful old buildings, covered with roofs, brick color, over which is seen the Atlantic ocean.

And the most romantic place near Lisbon – Sintra natural Park. It’s sort of a resort area with hotels, palaces and castles among the mountains on the ocean coast.

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One of the reasons to visit Lisbon in 2018 – the Eurovision song contest, which will take place may 8-12. This overarching event for the whole of Portugal, because the country for the first time in 62 years, won it.

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Yunnan, China

The Yunnan province of China, which is located on the border with Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. The region is characterized by stark contrasts: tropical forests grow near the snow-capped mountain peaks, and near the cascading rice terraces, you can see some of the largest gorges in the world. So, the canyon «Leaping Tiger» has a depth of 3.5 thousand meters and protected by UNESCO from 2003. On bottom of the ravine flows the longest river in Eurasia, the Yangtze.

The province is considered the most ethnically diverse in China. It is home to 25 of the 56 recognized ethnic groups in the country, each of which has its individual cuisine and culture.

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