10 tallest Carpathian mountains, with incredible panoramas that are worth seeing

10 tallest Carpathian mountains, with incredible panoramas that are worth seeing

Tourists are impressive panorama of the Carpathians and the incredible Alpine scenery.

Finally began in the spring, everything blooms and comes to life. It’s the perfect time to climb the Carpathian mountains and see how nature comes alive in Ukrainian mountain valleys and peaks.

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TSN.Tourism has collected 10 of the highest peaks of the Ukrainian Carpathians for an unforgettable trekking.

1. The Mountain Goverla. The altitude of 2061 m

Hoverla is the highest point of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The mountain is located on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. One of the most popular settlements for the start of the journey to the top – Vorokhta, Yaremche and Verkhovyna. Settlements are located by rating and popularity among tourists, so consider what’s more important – new friends or to be alone with nature.


2. Mountain Brebeneskul. The altitude of 2032 m

Brebeneskul rises between the two peaks Menchul and Ribs. Near the mountain is the highest mountain lake in the Carpathians with the same name. Peak practically disappears from the Montenegrin mountains, which laid the trekking route, but because going through here – it may not be noticed. The route can be started from the village Shybene and also to visit the lake Maricheika, from the village of dzembronya and visit Dzembronski waterfalls and vuhatyi Kamin.


3. The Mountain Pop Ivan Montenegro. The altitude 2028 m

Pop Ivan Montenegro is not very far from the elevation of the Brebeneskul. Here it is quite often to navigate Hiking trails, and jointly visiting the neighboring peaks and the range in General. At the top is an abandoned Observatory, which is called «White elephant». Very unusual building to the mountain attracts many tourists. The route on PIP Ivan, you can start from the village Shybene and also to visit the lake Maricheika, from the village of dzembronya and visit Dzembronski waterfalls and vuhatyi Kamin.

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4. Petros Mountain. The altitude 2020 m

Petros is sometimes called storm peak considered the most dangerous mountain in the Montenegrin mountains in bad weather. The peak is located immediately behind the mountain. Mountains separated by a deep saddle, which visually cuts Petros from the entire array. This feature leads to the fact that the mountain is wrapped in cloud and it often struck by lightning. Petros decided to rise from Lazeshchyna and down in KVASy. This itinerary fits perfectly into the format of one or two days of transition.


5. Mount Gutin Tomnatik. The altitude of 2016 m

Tomnatic is another vertex of the Chornohora mountain range near lake Brebeneskul. It is even closer to the water than the eponymous mountain. The peak is located within Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region. Up the mountain can be reached via Hiking trails from the tops Berbeneskul or Ribs.

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6. Mountain Edge. Height — 2001 m

Rib mountain is also in the Montenegrin mountains, on the border of Ivano-Frankivsk and Transcarpathian regions. The top is covered with grass, and its gentle slopes are moving in steep cliffs with rocky ledges – hence the name peak. Up the mountain, there are about five trails that mostly lead through other Montenegrin tops. The route can be started from several villages of Verkhovyna district, in particular from the settlement of Bystrets, from the sports base «Zaroslyak». Another route from the village the mountain starts from the checkpoint of the Carpathian biosphere reserve.


7. Menchul Mountain. The altitude of 1998 m

At the peak of Menchul is another of the Carpathian mountain range – Rozsireni. To get to the top of the Montenegrin mountain range from Barbesula, or to bypass it and get to Dzembronya. The route directly on Menchul starts from the mountain village of Rakhiv district, Transcarpathian region.


8. Mountain Pop Ivan Marmaroshsky. The altitude 1940 m

Mountain Pop Ivan Maramures is located in Rakhiv district of the Transcarpathian region on the border with Romania. The top of the mountain, pronounced it is surrounded by meadows with rare Carpathian herbs and flowers. Pop Ivan Maramorosh is located within Murmanskogo mountain range and belongs to the top of the so-called «Hutsul Alps». Closer to the top of the village Business.


9. The Mountain Turkul. The altitude 1933 m

Mountain Turkul is within the Montenegrin mountain range, near rocky peak of the Rib. Despite his relative meanness, Turkul incredibly beautiful: the top is covered with evergreen junipers, mountain pines, and its slopes look sharp-toothed rocks. Nearby there are a lot of Cup-shaped depressions with lakes, in particular, the tract Kisli and lake Nesamovyte. To get to the top from the villages of Hoverla mountain (Ivano-Frankivsk region) or Bystrets (Transcarpathian region), and another from the sports base «Zaroslyak» near Vorokhta. The peak usually create routes with the inclusion of several peaks of the Montenegrin mountains.

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10. Mountain Breskul. Height — 1911

Breskul is within the Montenegrin array between Hoverla and Pozhyzhevska. Zakrugleny the top has a domed shape with some steep rocky slopes, holes and drop-offs. The mountain is covered with flowers of various herbs and shrubs. Trekking routes on Breskul usually expect to cover more and has Pozhyzhevsku.



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