2017 became the most tourist in the last seven years. Named the leading countries for travelers

2017 became the most tourist in the last seven years. Named the leading countries for travelers

The most popular among tourists have become the country’s Mediterranean coast and Northern Europe.

In 2017 the number of international trips increased by 7% compared to the previous years. The primacy among the countries that took travelers, keeps France. Second place was taken by Spain, which this year is ahead of US.

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In General, the number of journeys for 2017 was the highest over the past seven years, according to the world tourist organization at the UN. Last year abroad went more than 1300 million people from different parts of the world.

Of most interest travelers have shown in Europe. The flow of tourists here has increased by as much as 8% (671 million of tourists). Particularly popular are the countries of the Mediterranean coast and North of the continent, they visited 13% more tourists. It was allowed to escape the region forward. Along with Europe increased curiosity and to Africa. Here, the number travelling in 2017 there has been an increase by 8% (to 62 million tourists). While earlier there was a noticeable decline of interest in the African continent.

The Asian-Pacific region attracted over 2017 is 6% more visitors (324 million). The most popular countries in South Asia.

Countries in the Middle East, visited by 5% (to 58 million) more tourists in 2017 than before. In some countries it was a huge growth of interest in culture and historical heritage of the region.

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In North and South America, the number of visitors increased by only 3% (207 million travelers). While the worst performance was in the U.S. – about 2% growth.

The press service also reported that in 2018, expect another increase of interest in international tourism by another 4-5 %.

We will remind, earlier experts called the least visited country in Europe. It was the most Serene Republic of San Marino. It is located in the center of Italy, has no access to the sea and covers an area of about 60 square kilometers.

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