7 little-known resorts of Europe and Asia, where guests can relax with family

7 little-known resorts of Europe and Asia, where guests can relax with family

Cozy Bay with uncrowded beaches, and an unprecedented wealth of nature and architecture positively distinguish these resorts among others.

Uncrowded resorts seem fantastic when thinking about vacation in Europe. But even in Italy, Spain and Greece, there are places that are not crowded in the summer. Thus, it is possible not only to sunbathe on the beach, but also to taste local cuisine, explore the interesting monuments of history and nature. TSN.Tourism picked up 7 little-known resort towns for a memorable family vacation.

1. Cagliari, Italy

The city of Cagliari is located on the island Sardinia, between the Mediterranean and Tyrrhenian seas. There are not very many tourists, but there are cosy beaches with white sand and lazurowa water. While Cagliari is the capital of the island. There are interesting monuments of architecture of the XIII century castle.

The island is also known as one of the culinary centers of Italy. Especially a lot of the dishes are prepared from sea fish.

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2. Albarracín, Spain

The Alpine town of albarracín is located in the center of Spain over a deep canyon. Nearby there is a large natural Park, and you can swim in the winding river flowing between the rocks. In addition, the settlement was founded, 711 another year and there are numerous authentic buildings.

3. Stoupa, Greece

Stopi beaches, hidden coves and protected from the outside world by the mountains Taygetos. This complicates the way to the town, but there is less tourists than other Greek resorts.

This place is perfect for a family holiday and, in addition to swimming, there is kayaking or Canoeing and visiting the local theme pubs.

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4. Amiens, France

Amiens is known for its Gothic buildings, the decoration of which is the Cathedral of Notre-Dame d’amiens, which belongs to the UNESCO world heritage site. In addition, it is cut up by many channels-hartriono that were dug in Roman times for irrigation of the land. Now they serve as streets, on which small boats ply, and on their banks appeared a lot of colorful markets and pubs. Hence another name of the city – «the French Venice».

5. Lastovo, Croatia

Lastovo is a Croatian island in the territory of which is a huge national Park. It is the most remote from the mainland and among the Islands of the country. Besides relaxing on the beach and porgulava Park, you can also rent a canoe or fish from the shore.

6. Patara, Turkey

Patara – a city of contrasts, there are huge beaches, and ruins of Greek policies. Here come a bit of tourists, due to the lack of such a number of hotels in Kemer, Alanya, Antalya or Marmaris. Therefore, it is possible without interference to explore the historical sights and relax on luxurious beaches.

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7. Graciosa, Canary Islands

Graciosa is one of the Canary Islands that belong to Spain. Small size fully kompensiruet fantastic scenery and beaches from almost all sides, and cozy hotels on the coast. Here live only a few hundred local residents who are engaged in fishing and living in small settlements. Most vacationers come here to relax from the daily bustle and sunbathe Topless.

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