A complete guide to Turkey: from the departure from Ukraine to the details of the trip the most interesting places

A complete guide to Turkey: from the departure from Ukraine to the details of the trip the most interesting places

A detailed story about how to visit Istanbul and other Turkish cities, to choose the most comfortable and plan an interesting route.

Turkey is not only a country of many resorts located on the shores of the four seas surrounding the country, but also interesting historical and sacred places, covered with legends and legends. In addition, it combines Western and Eastern values, Istanbul is on two continents, including parts of the city of the Bosphorus.

How to get to Turkey

The most convenient option to travel in the country at an affordable price this air travel. So, to get to Turkey in about two hours, and tickets online services can be found cost about 30 dollars, with early booking.

Tickets for flights will be much cheaper if you take only hand Luggage, size limit which can be found on the website of the company where you plan to use. In addition, significantly cheaper flights can be if you travel from the airport in Lviv, Kharkov or Zaporozhye. But tickets from Kiev, Kherson and Odessa will cost more.

Is register online and save boarding pass to your mobile or tablet, because at the airport this service can be paid.

Earlier it was told about tricks of online booking and how to buy tickets and book cheaper housing.

How and where to find housing

In order to become as cheap, is to use the online service to find free accommodation – Couchsurfing. So, not only can explore the cultural sights of Turkey, but also to meet with locals and see their life from inside. If you use this service, need to grab some Goodies for people who accept you – this will help for creating relationships.

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Paid, but still a budget place to stay in Turkish cities is a hostel. Here in the room will accommodate up to eight people and will cost 6-10 dollars.

Individual hotel single room in Istanbul can be rented for $ 15-20. Closer to the center, the price will gradually increase and we must be prepared to pay from $ 25 per day. In the resort of Antalya the hotel accommodation is much cheaper and starts from $ 10.

In Turkey and particularly in Istanbul, there are places where life is not worth. So, better not to settle near Taksim square, Istiklal street, there is always a lot of tourists. Tarlabasi and Kasimpasa – Kurdish and Gypsy areas where even the police don’t always come the challenges.

How to move around Istanbul or any other city

Metro, trams, buses, ferries, and funiculars Metrobus – all these types of urban transport in Istanbul and other cities with some exceptions of the list. To use them you need to purchase a travel card for $ 2 and refill it for a certain amount, or pay for the travel each time separately. One trip will cost is $ 0.8, the ferry and the tram is a little cheaper – $ 0.6. Single ticket without a card twice as expensive.

For a longer vacation is cheaper to buy a monthly pass for 33-50 dollars – the cost depends on the city. It will allow you to travel on all public transport.

In Istanbul there are analogues of the Ukrainian minibuses is a minibus hire from 14 to 16; and – DOLMASI – a small bus for 8 passengers, which depart only when all seats are occupied. In dolmus and minibuses it is possible to pay only in cash, the fare will be 0.6-0.7 dollars.

To navigate the routines of urban transport and faster to find the desired spot, you should download a special application on the phone. You can find them on the Internet.

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How to travel between cities in Turkey

The most convenient way to travel Turkey air messages. To it was also inexpensive, travel is to plan ahead and buy tickets two weeks before the trip. The cost of the flight from Istanbul to any major city can be 10-15 dollars. Tickets should be searched on the websites of airlines of Turkey.

Railway is another option for intercity travel. At the same time, the country has high-speed trains that overcome 200-300 kilometers a couple of hours and not inferior in comfort to the aircraft. Prices for travel fashionable monitored on the website of the Turkish state Railways.

If you decide to go by bus, you also should book the tickets a few days before the trip. Especially if you plan to travel on weekends or public holidays. For booking find several online services.

Travelling by public transport, tourists agree with the rules of carriers, and also with the cultural norms in Turkey. So, it is worth remembering that a man can sit next to the woman just in case it was his wife.

It’s worth a try

In Turkey you should definitely try the meat dishes: kebab, lamb and chicken with yogurt, as a garnish, you can add bulgur, or beans. Turkish cooks never regret spices, so be prepared to experience something new.

The meat is relish and Turkish bread ecocom white or black comuna – grease it with butter, garnish with olives and cheese. In addition, the perfect complement will be a traditional Turkish salad of fresh greens, chicken or Tarkhany – pepper, dried, and milled with the addition of flour, tomatoes and onions.

In Turkey there are a lot of Goodies: jellies, jams, Turkish delight, halva, marzipan, baklava, lokma, muhallebi and candied fruit.

Coffee lovers will enjoy Turkish coffee, tea lovers a large selection of black, green, herbal and fruit teas. Another interesting drink – ayran – yogurt, diluted serum, add salt and herbs, and then whipped with a mixer.

Full lunch or dinner will cost about $ 7.


What cities are worth a visit

Istanbul. The capital of Turkey known as the city of mosques – there are about three thousand. The most ambitious of them – the Blue mosque opposite it is the Hagia Sophia – a major sacred monuments of the city. Another worthwhile place is the Topkapi Palace, which is almost twice more than the Vatican. He is considered one of the richest museums in the world, and here lived a Ukrainian prisoner of what became of Sultansoy – «Roksolana».

Antalya, Alanya, side and Bodrum is worth a visit to spend their holidays in the resorts of the Mediterranean sea.

The ancient city of Hierapolis, which is located near modern Pamukkale. There remained the temple of Apollo, amphitheatre, Cleopatra pools, ancient necropolis and chapel of St. Philip. In addition, the city is the temple of the God of death Hades next to which to this day find dead animals.

Cappadocia is a historical site in Turkey, which includes several cities. The most beautiful and the most famous reliefs is located near the city of Goreme. On its outskirts there are fantastic mountains and rock spires, which locals call the valley of the fairies. In General here is created a natural open air Museum – Goreme open air Museum.

Samsun and Trabzon are located in the black sea region. They will surprise you with beautiful combination of Black sea and the Pontic mountains.

To travel to Turkey or to another country was even more busy and interesting should avoid the mistakes that often make tourists.

VideoCAM to plan a vacation and save

The street is still raging winter, and Ukrainians are actively planning a summer vacation. For the last two months of ticket sales in Turkey and EU countries has doubled. Most of the rooms in Turkey are already reserved. How to plan a vacation to get more save — see «Sedanko 1+1».

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