A man more than 20 years living in a sand castle and earns the tourists

A man more than 20 years living in a sand castle and earns the tourists

For the construction of the castle, «sandy king» was inspired by the book Antoni gaudí.

The Brazilian does not pay for utilities more than 20 years because they moved into a giant sand castle on beach the city of Rio de Janeiro. Moreover, for many years living on the coast man managed to become a local celebrity and earns on tourists. Vacationers are photographed with it and buying old books.

Marcio Miselu Metolius 44 years, 22 of them he lived on the beach Barra da Tijuca, says NYpost. In addition to the sand castle, which he constantly maintains in proper condition, the man has his own throne, scepter and crown. For this Misela here called «Sand king».

The whole structure is held up by a wooden frame inside «castle’s«. Metolius have to constantly water it turrets to keep them from collapsing into the bedroom. The wall design incorporated books and soft toys. And inspired the sandy beach to create a memo of this magnitude, and move in her book about the architect Antoni Gaudi.

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«People pay exorbitant rent to live in front of the sea, and I don’t have accounts here and I have a good life,» says Natalias.

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The man says that grew up in Rio de Janeiro, on the coast of the Guanabara Bay and almost a lifetime spent on the beach, so feels quite comfortable here. He even has a wife who also lives with him. But she says that sometimes goes to sleep over at friends because the sand retains the heat and in the «castle» can be very hot during the night. Metolius said that it would be better to sleep under the open sky than anywhere with a beach.

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