A new resort on a private island in Finland will be closed for men

A new resort on a private island in Finland will be closed for men

On the island can enjoy only women.

In June 2018 on a private island SuperShe in the Gulf of Finland will appear an indoor resort that can visit only women. Here the lady will yoga and fitness, sunbathing on the beaches, stroll through the deserted coasts, and even cooking classes and SPA-salons.


The island’s area is 3.5 hectares. Here already built a ten-storey the apartment class ultra-luxury writes Daily Mail.

Island will be designed for women only, for, according to the founder, the men distract you from a calm balanced travelers. «When there’s cute guys, girls immediately trying to clean myself up and put lipstick on her lips,» says the owner of the island, an American businesswoman Christina’s Mouth. Primarily to stay on the island will be allowed to the participants in network groups SuperShe, which was founded by the American.

To build an indoor resort on the Finnish island near Helsinki, she decided immediately. First, the woman wanted to buy one of the Islands of the archipelago of the Turks and Caicos Islands near Cuba. However, after meeting Finn and due to frequent visits to his homeland Christina had a change of plans. The parents of her partner own an island in the neighborhood, and when the future SuperShe put up for sale, my husband convinced Christine to purchase it.

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Christine Roth says that such steps are not lies no hatred of men. In the future, SuperShe possible and will start the opposite gender, but the island in the first place will still be a women.

Video settings Finland will appear island, which can relax only female

The whole island in Finland will be equipped for women. The fair sex will be able to relax at any time of the year, but also to work productively.

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