A real look at the world-famous places: 7 locations, which suddenly spoiled the mood of the tourists

A real look at the world-famous places: 7 locations, which suddenly spoiled the mood of the tourists

The queue for hours, impassable crowd and a long search of a place to a good frame — the inconvenience of waiting for wanting to visit is popular among tourists places.

Legendary places of incredible beauty, which is a dream of every one were not so great through its own popularity. Come to them every year millions of tourists who unwittingly create the long queues and interfere with each other to fully explore the fabulously beautiful locations. So, TSN.Tourism have prepared a selection of places that have disappointed travelers due to excessive influx of visitors.

Milanese Cathedral, Milan

Cathedral of birth of virgin Mary – one of the largest churches in Italy, which in size is second only to St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. He is known not only due to the size, but richly decorated facades and interiors. Only the sculptures in the Cathedral of Milan there are about 3400. In addition, the building is decorated with numerous spires, peaked domes and columns – such an incredible decorative temple is riddled with allegories, and attracts many tourists. Here travellers are eager to make a memorable photo near the Milan marble diamond that frames the old building of the cultural center of Italy.

But to take a picture or, especially, to get inside the temple will be not so easy, because here always have numerous connoisseurs.


Eiffel tower, Paris

The Eiffel tower is one of the main «business card» of Paris. The photos in the popular lustres and the Internet the area around the monument depict sparsely populated. Here only here and there strolling couples. But actually it is not so. To the tourist object come travelers from all over the world. And since the most expensive ticket to the tower is 17 euros, wishing to climb it stretches in long queues.


The Golden horn, Bol

Solari rig is a beach on the Croatian island brac, near settlement Bol. The incredible popularity he had won due to the considerable strip of sand, mountain views and the azure water of the Gulf of the Adriatic sea.

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Deserted Golden beach, the wedge crashed into the sea and more like a haven than a European resort. But the pictures of the guides is misleading, because to admire the panorama of the Golden horn and soak up the beach converge countless crowds of tourists. So, Paradise oasis turns on the free beach like that which can be seen on a popular Ukrainian resort. And to relax and take pictures without the crowds have to Wake up with the first rays of the sun.


Stonehenge, Salisbury

Stonehenge was previously thought ancient tribes temple of the British druids, but now that assumption is rejected. Its construction dates back to the III-I Millennium BC. But it remains a mystery how stone blocks weighing from 3 to more than 45 tons could be delivered to the plain. It is known that the caves where the ancient carved stones of Sandstone are located over 300 kilometers from the mysterious arches. However, close to Stonehenge was found a number of burials of different times, the stones surrounded by moats, and in the center of the complex there are recesses of the same shape, rings – and all this, just allows us to construct a number of assumptions, but gives no answers.

The enormous size and legends of Stonehenge attracted to Wiltshire thousands of travelers from around the world. Everyone wants to touch the legendary sights and take pictures on the background of stones. But to make a cherished photo without the crowds of tourists will have to go to Stonehenge just after sunrise and book a private tour.


The Hollywood «walk of fame», Los Angeles

«Walk of fame» is located on some sidewalks of Hollywood Boulevard for about 15 blocks in Los Angeles. Here built about 2,500 stars that celebrate real people, fictional characters and different groups or teams for their contribution to the entertainment industry.

At the same time, the Boulevard walk thousands of travelers and residents of Los Angeles. To meet here celebrities, find the star of his idol and even take photos next — will be not very easy. Look at the «walk of fame» annually attracts about 10 million tourists.


Sistine chapel, Vatican

The Sistine chapel located in Vatican city, near Vatican Palace. The chapel is the chapel of the XV century, built by order of Pope Sixtus IV. Her at different times was painted by several Italian painters, the most famous of which is the legendary Michelangelo.

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Now the Sistine chapel is a Museum-a monument of the Renaissance. It can visit each. The entrance ticket cost $ 16, which is pretty inexpensive. Therefore, to see the treasured painting of the walls and arches of the chapel will be released only in the impenetrable crowd, having stood a considerable part.

www.flickr.com/Brian Aitkenhead

Juliet’s House, Verona

Juliet’s house in Verona the Italian is a Museum dedicated to the plays of William Shakespeare, including «Romeo and Juliet». The house was founded in the XIII century. He belonged to the family of Dal Capello, which was the inspiration for the Capulets. In the nineteenth century Capello sold him due to financial difficulties. Subsequently, after a number of resales, it passed into state ownership and became the «Juliet’s House».

To the courtyard come thousands of tourists: the lovers and those wishing to find love. On the walls they leave leaflets and signing with their own wishes, much to the harm the appearance of the monument.


Previously, the house of Juliet in Verona was described in the story rubriky «Miy putuni» program «snidanok z 1+1».

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