About 20 minutes near the Bastille Medzhybizh will become more accessible to tourists

About 20 minutes near the Bastille Medzhybizh will become more accessible to tourists

Apart from the fortress in Medzhibozh, there is an ancient St. Nicholas Church, a columned chapel and a mill of the XIX century.

In Medzhibozh, except legendary fortress, there are about 20 historical and architectural monuments. Among these: St. Nicholas Church, the colonnaded chapel, mill of the XIX century and many others. In order for tourists to visit not only the fortress of Medzhybizh and perceived as a cultural complex, it was decided to place signs and set up the map with interesting locations and cafes.

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In the framework of the project «Tourist signs Medzhybizh» eight columns in you will see the information plaques and signs to historical and architectural objects, reports TV7+.

Tourist signs are expected to be in several languages, because the authors of the idea expect to simplify the tour Megaboom not only Ukrainians, but also foreign tourists.

The fortress is situated on the outskirts of the village of Medzhybizh, Khmelnytskyi region. Here in the southern bug empties into the river Buzhok, hence the name of the village «Between Boogie».

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The history of fortifications Medzhybizh starts from the XII century. Then there was a wooden fortress on the earthworks. The stone walls appeared only two centuries later. The modern shape of the rock found immediately. First laid wall thickness of about 2 meters, then finished the two towers: the Knight and Officer. The thickness of their walls up to 4 meters and a height of 17.

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