Architecture, Souvenirs and Goodies: a guide to the cities of Europe, in Kiev will fly Ryanair

Architecture, Souvenirs and Goodies: a guide to the cities of Europe, in Kiev will fly Ryanair

Incredible palaces and castles, stunning cathedrals, and other sights of European cities, which impress the tourists with its heritage, are waiting for the Ukrainians.

This fall from Borispol airport, near Kiev can be reached in a number of cities in Europe at more competitive prices thanks to the Irish low-cost Ryanair. Some directions were available previously, but such as no direct flights are available to Barcelona open for the first time.

TSN.Tourism learned that fun is waiting for the Ukrainians in the cities that can be reached with low cost flights, but still there to bring delicious and interesting.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is located on the coast of the Balearic sea, but besides the fantastic beaches, it is known for the incredible architecture and numerous historical and cultural attractions. In particular, the city associated with the name of the architect Antoni gaudí, the intent of which is erected the famous temple «Sagrada Familia», and also built a Park «Guell» and the whimsical Casa batlló and La Pedrera. They all have amazing architecture with intricate curves and balconies, and some of them covered with multicolored tiles and like a fairy-tale gingerbread houses. So, in the estate güell on the buildings there are even colored lizard sitting on the facades of the villas.

In addition, in Barcelona visit: plaça Catalunya, La Rambla — the main street of town, the old market La Bucaria, La Raval and the Gothic quarter, the national Palace of Catalonia – the building of incredible beauty, surrounded by gardens and cascading fountains, and the Temple of the sacred Heart and the Liceu theatre.

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What to bring: Spanish wine, which has a whole range of flavors; sparkling wine cava olives and olive oil; cheese (including brie), ham, seafood, and Souvenirs that keep the spirit of Barcelona. If you buy in the supermarkets, then the above-mentioned Goodies can be purchased even cheaper than in Ukraine.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is called the pedestrian city because all the attractions are concentrated here, and its Central part is completely closed to traffic. Business card of the city – the Bratislava castle. The towers and walls, constructed in the style of Gothic, Baroque, perfectly preserved, and the most beautiful of them – a Corona – a Museum with priceless artifacts of Bratislava.

Other attractions of the Slovak capital: the St. Martin’s Cathedral, memorial Slavin, Slovak national theatre, Presidential Palace and town hall. In addition, in Bratislava there are many historical buildings, museums and temples. Another interesting location – the New bridge with a restaurant at a height of 85 meters.

What to bring: a strong tincture of the juniper – «Ceps», on plums «Slivovitz», dogwood «Drinkovic», and another liqueur Demänovka and tea Tatratea liqueur. Other Goodies: smoked cheeses, cheese vojky, cheese, coffee and Tatra tea with fruit. Another valuable souvenir – Slovak tableware made of crystal, porcelain and ceramics modransky.

Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is the largest port city of Poland located in gdańsk Bay. In addition, the city is cut through several rivers and canals that form here Islands, United next to the old bridges.

One of the most interesting streets of Gdansk are Long. Here is a Long market, and around the towering romantic old buildings, with monograms and stucco, Golden gate, town hall with clock, the Green gate, and in the middle of the square is the Neptune fountain. Located near several well-kept public gardens, of parks and churches, harmoniously situated between the various medieval secular buildings. Other attractions located near: the courtyard of the brotherhood of Saint Jerzy, the Artus court, St. Mary’s Church, St. Mary’s Church and Oliwa Park. In some historical buildings museums.

What to bring: earrings, necklaces, bracelets or other jewelry made of amber (there is a small market near the Church of St. Mary), a «Bison» Goldwasser – «Golden water» – alcohol, with a gold dust. In addition: dishes with Boleslavsky ceramics and Souvenirs with symbols of gdańsk.

Krakow, Poland

Krakow is considered one of the most beautiful cities of Europe and the cultural capital of Poland. The first thing here is worth a visit is the Wawel castle. It is a complex with fortified walls, palaces and cathedrals inhabited by Polish kings, and some of them are buried in local churches. To go here is in the morning, because to see at least a little mansion monarchs, throne room, Treasury, Armory, and visit museums and Wawelskie shrines will take from two to five hours.

Other significant places of Gdansk: the main Market Square, surrounded by old houses, the cloth hall, built in the Baroque style St. Mary’s Church, the Barbakan, a medieval fortress, the College Mayus – the oldest University in Poland, the Gothic body is perfectly preserved, the Park «Cracow Planty» and Museum of the history of the city.

What to bring. To buy food and drinks, it is worth going to the supermarkets and the different things to remember, – flea markets of Krakow. Of Goodies worth to buy: cookies, cupcakes, cakes and candy confectionery Cracow, Polish beer, sweet wine varieties Hanes liqueur «Golden water» and «Bison».

London, UK

Capital of Britain London is a city of contrasts. There are incredible historical attractions, and well-maintained parks, and areas with a stylish and contemporary boutiques, and the new futuristic skyscrapers.

Those wishing to learn about the history and historic architecture of London worth to see: the wax Museum Madame Tussauds, tower of London, «big Ben», Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar square square, the huge British Museum, Sherlock Holmes Museum, the natural history Museum with dinosaur skeletons.

In addition, it should be up on the Ferris wheel of the city, to make panoramic pictures and see London from a bird’s flight. Wishing not only to see the city, but also to buy things in the British capital should go to the SOHO or Coven garden here in historic buildings with a variety of boutiques. To explore a new city visit the Piccadilly, district and city.

What to bring: English tea, British Ales, beer, Scottish whisky, Souvenirs with football symbols, things from the universe of «Harry Potter» as well as figurines, magnets or something else with the image of the iconic places of London.

Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius is a very comfortable city, which is imbibed in its architecture layering different eras and countries. There is no single complex of buildings, but the Lithuanian capital, however, remains an extremely interesting and rich in cultural monuments. The main place for tourism – the town hall square with a fountain, cafes and souvenir shops – atmospheric location, where it is worth a stroll both day and evening.

The key attraction of Vilnius – Gediminas tower that remains of the medieval castle. Rise to strengthening can the funicular. On a nearby hill «the Three crosses», still another «business card» of the city – the Cathedral with the bell tower.

Other sights of Vilnius: Vilnius University, Church of St. John with the bell tower, the Gothic St. Anne’s Church, the Cathedral of saints Peter and Paul, dawn and Museum of the Radziwill family.

What to bring: jewelry and Souvenirs of amber, clothes or something for the home from linen or silk, Lithuanian ceramics, which is considered the best in the Baltic States. Of Goodies: Apple cider or blueberry cheese, smoked eel, gift sets of liquors and liqueurs herbal fortress 12-75%, Mead, beer, Lithuania wine, and local honey balm Žalgiris fortress of 75%.

Wroclaw, Poland

Wroclaw is the historic development is interspersed with small squares and embankments of the river Bed, which forms within the city of 12 Islands connected by bridges.

The first thing to see in Wroclaw Central square with a quaint town hall – the building is lavishly decorated with eclectic details, a huge clock and balconies. The town hall can not only inspect, but also to go inside.

Other places of interest: Historical Museum, Royal Palace, Church of St. Elisabeth with the 86-metre tower, the panorama racławicka, the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, old houses of the «Golden dog», «grief» and «Yasi and Mangochi». Besides, it is better to visit an Art Museum or at least to explore its incredible historic building.

I should add that Wroclaw is famous for small figures of gnomes, several dozen of which are scattered historical part of the city.

What to bring: sausages, pastry, cheese, mozzarella, Gran Podanici, Parmesan. Iconic souvenir from Wroclaw will be the figure of a dwarf or any souvenir with his image. In addition, from Wroclaw you can bring the same thing with other Polish cities, mentioned above.

Poznan, Poland

Poznań is not only an interesting historical center, but also one of the centers of education and Commerce in Poland. The most interesting part of the city that is surrounded by many historical and cultural attractions – the Old Market square. A diamond that is cut the old taverns, merchants ‘ houses, Inns serves luxury town hall of the XIII century.

Non-traditional attraction of the area – the «Pillar of shame» with a height of 5.5 meters – it was the place of public flogging criminals.

Other interesting sights: the Imperial castle, built for the German Emperor Wilhelm II, Zalinski Palace, the Palace Malinska, weapons Museum, the Adam Mickiewicz square, the Botanical gardens and a countless number of churches located mainly in the Central part of the city.

What to bring: smoked sausage pork – kabanosy, smoked sheep cheese – oscypek, beer nuts, oak bark, or even on something else, or craft beer.

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is the capital and cultural center of the Kingdom of Sweden. The city is divided into numerous Islands and pieces of land separated by a number of canals, rivers and bays, for which he received the unofficial title of «Venice of the North». These scraps of sushi connects many bridges, and shore decorated with parks and old architecture, which is concentrated in the Old town.

In Stockholm worth a visit the Royal Palace, the Swedish Museum of architecture under the open sky, stunning Palace and Park complex Drottningholm on the island Lawn, Stockholm city hall, Steninge Castle, Nobel Museum, Nordic Museum, Central Park Kungstradgarden with numerous cafes, Museum «Cape of Waldemar» and the Royal city Park. In General, all the sights of the capital of Sweden is simply impossible to list, but museums, galleries and cultural institutions are there for every taste. The town also has amusement Park Grona Lund Tivoli.

For shopping, tourists should first of all go to market «Externalid», where you can buy food and explore the ancient architecture of shopping malls. Another place for shopping street Biblioteksgatan is the main shopping artery of Stockholm where you can buy almost everything.

When visiting Stockholm, you should definitely go to the underground city, to forever break down stereotypes about the type of stops and a new look in this instance.

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What to bring from Stockholm. Food: venison cold-smoked, chocolate, marmalade, and a countless number of seafood, in particular: marinated, smoked, dried fish and salmon pâté. Drinks: punch Karlshamnspunsh, Gevalia coffee, herbal tinctures, traditional alcohol – gleg. In addition, as a souvenir you can bring various trinkets made of wood and decorated mummies-trolls. Gaborek

Warsaw, Poland

The capital of Poland is not inferior to other ancient cities of the country. In particular, there is the so-called Old Town, where a significant part of the monuments of history and culture. The focus of interesting Market square.

Attractions Warsaw: the Royal castle, Take the Palace and Park complex, entertainment-science center «Copernicus», the Church of St. John, the Chopin Museum, Belvedere Palace, castle Park Christoper Palace Pod Blachą, Warsaw Barbican, the Church of the Holy cross, Ujazdowski castle. It’s not all the interesting sights of the capital of Poland — in the city there are many museums and other cultural institutions.

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What to bring: liquor «Goldwasser», a Polish rye vodka, drinking honey, Polish wine, kraftova beer, plum brandy, «Slivovitz», liqueurs, cheeses and sausages.


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