Atmospheric oases in the concrete jungle: what is special about the parks in new York

Atmospheric oases in the concrete jungle: what is special about the parks in new York

Each of the parks new York has its own attractions that attract many travelers and residents.

In new York the city of skyscrapers, all eyes are on him. But rather look around around to see Manhattan decorated relaxation areas. In particular, Central Park is the most popular place to relax and stroll. Its territory is almost twice as much for the country of Monaco and here, not to be lost, is to read the information on poles. They are numbered according to the adjacent streets.

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Anyone who too liked Central Park new York, maybe even to perpetuate themselves in it. There is a special bench that will sign your name for «symbolic» 10 thousand dollars.

Another atmospheric new York locations – Bryant Parkbetween 42nd street and 5th Avenue. It is compact and very elegant. Everything here is so refined that even the toilets plays classical music and have fresh flowers. And for the rest «flies» free Wi-Fi.

In addition, it is not only the most elegant Park, but book Depository. Under the feet of tourists is hidden about four million books. It stocks the new York public library, which is located nearby. She has to appeal not just «book worms» – filmmakers repeatedly chosen the library for filming. So, the stairs of the institution ran away during her wedding the famous heroine of «sex and the city».

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Another Park, the high line, you’re in new York you will not find – because it is above the city at an altitude of 10 metres. Feels, it’s like to go from the fourth floor balcony and immediately to be in the garden. Previously, there were held over ground railway. Then it was closed and planted with greenery.

Read more about parks and other interesting places in new York, see the subject headings «My guide» program «snidanok z 1+1».

Videomay guide. New York- exotic and interesting Central Park

We continue to travel the largest city in the US! New York is already stuck to the stereotype that the city of stone! In fact, there are incredible parks! In one of them we literally rise above the ground and go airborne! And then we’ll find an exotic alternative to hot dogs and pizza.

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Earlier it was described how tourists in new York can get on one of the most popular TV shows in the USA. So, everyone can not only watch the program via the huge stained glass Windows, but also to visit «Good morning America», after registering on the website.

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