Blue Monday: 7 exciting places in the world that will save you from depression

Blue Monday: 7 exciting places in the world that will save you from depression

Places that are surrounded by blue and turquoise shades, but inspire and energize campers.

Most depressing day is the third Monday of the New year, which this year fell on January 15. This theory adheres to a number of scholars who associate the moral decline and irritability of people in this time with the end of the holidays and the disappointments in last year’s expectations. Conventionally, this day is called «Blue Monday.»

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But psychologists do not agree with such a name and say that blue color has a positive effect on the human mind. And medic Alison Standish says that the color «calms the mind, body and soul.» As an example, he cites a number of resorts which are dominated by different shades of blue and advises them to take a look to verify his theory, writes Daily Mail.

The Island Is Thira, Greece

The most recognizable types of Thera (Santorini) are considered to be cobalt roofs of its houses on the background of the Aegean sea. But if the scenic landscapes add to the rich variety of local food, rocky shores that border the gently sloping coast and the average annual temperature is 26 degrees Celsius, then this is the perfect place to stay.

«Cobalt is a bright blue color, which creates a deep sense of calm and allows the body to release tension and soothe,» says Alison. «It also supports the ability to communicate one-on-one to clearly and accurately». Tobia

The Island Of Zakynthos, Greece

A lot of Europeans call the island Zante. He is primarily associated with nightlife. However, the day is one of the most picturesque places in Europe. There are many coves that hide cozy beaches, but the most interesting is the number of Blue caves and rock arches that rise just above the water.

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«This transparent blue color very useful for the mind and body,» says Alison. Dredd

Porto, Portugal

The city of Porto is drowning in the turquoise hues of the Atlantic ocean. But this is not the only source of blue colour: many ancient temples, arches and Baroque houses lined with tiles of Royal blue colour. The most striking example of sacred monarchical buildings – the Church of our lady of Carmo in Porto.

«This color destroys the nebula and confusion, says Alison. «Royal blue creates a feeling of authority and justice. It is inextricably linked with law and order. This color is a favorite in the Royal family since ancient times.» Zeiger

Júzcar, Spain

Malaga is in the Costa del Sol on the West coast of the Mediterranean sea. Via numerous beaches with Golden sand and warm climate people come here to relax by the Europeans, especially the British. But there is another reason to visit Malaga. From here you can reach the small village of Juzcar, which is popularly known as «the Village of the Smurfs», a blue color of its houses.

«It’s a deep blue color with multiple shades of green that create a sense of trust and integrity,» adds Alison. «This color creates a sense of peace, but also it is associated with nature and nurture, therefore, encourages kindness and generosity in people.»

The Island Of Capri, Italy

Although on the mainland of Italy, on the Tyrrhenian sea, there are some fabulously beautiful places, but it is on the island of Capri to see the blue color in the incredible water Peresvet. Here on the island, there is plenty of delicious food cooked in local traditions and spectacular panoramas. But the most atmospheric place is the Turquoise grotto at one of the rocks that opens just above the water.

«As the name implies, this deep and powerful color hides some amazing ideas and gives brilliant revelation,» says Alison. Photography

Blue lagoon, Iceland

Iceland attracts even seasoned travelers with its unique nature, in particular the geysers, and Northern lights. But there is another lure that remains less well-known is geothermal resorts with blue lagoons.

«In addition to curative and antiseptic action, the blue shade of the lagoon calms the mind and balances the physical and emotional state,» explains Alison. «This specific transparent color helps to immerse yourself in and identify underlying ideas or plans.»

The Island Of Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia, thanks to white sand beaches and incredibly clear blue water, is often compared to the Caribbean. The island is located in the Mediterranean sea and belongs to Italy. Given that about 2 miles of the coast of Sardinia remain intact, and the climate is warm throughout the year is one of the best places to relax away from the hustle and bustle.

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But besides that, you can sunbathe, «turquoise water heals and balances the emotional state, increase creativity, develop the ability to care for themselves and others,» — says Alison Standish.

I should add that another formula is «Blue Monday» falls on the last Monday of the month — ie on 22 January 2018.

Earlier it was told about places to visit in 2018. So, this year is to travel to countries that have not yet overwhelmed by tourists, or where there will be some really good events-like the Eurovision song contest or Olympic games.

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