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Italian loukoster will carry the Ukrainians in Milan and Rome for the cost from 55 euros

The first flight the airline will do in June. From 22 June 2018, Italian loukoster Ernest Airlines open new routes from Lviv airportin Rome and Milan. The cost of tickets in one direction – from 55 euros. For the price in Milan can be reached in 5 September 2018, and ago – on September 12 for 49 euros. See also: Estonian airline came to the airport "Kiev" from the first flight The flight "Lviv-Rome" and "Lviv-Milan" the airline will operate three times a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, reports Press-center. Flights will be carried out in Aeroport Fiumicino - Rome, at(...)

The destructive power of the volcano formed the Hawaii rift monstrous proportions

Out of the fissure continues to erupt lava, but it is not formed in the flow. Yesterday, may 13, at Hawaii in the eruption of the Kilauea volcano formed a new 300-meter long fissure, which continues to erupt lava. A crack appeared in the Pune district, reports the Metro. On the island of lava has already destroyed about 40 homes and flooded hundreds of meters of private land. Hawaiian volcano Observatory say that new cracks, deformation of the soil and the evaporation of poisonous gases indicate continued activity on the East side of Kilauea. See also: Fire fountains and lava-flooded(...)

Video: cheetahs nearly broke the family with the child during the Safari

The tourists ignored the safety rules and nearly paid with his life. The journey of a French family in Safari Park of the Netherlands had all the chances to end in tragedy. Spouses with a child was suddenly surrounded by a pack of cheetahs when they got out of the car to walk. See also: In Japan, deer are increasingly bite tourists because of the deception The tourists ignored the safety rules of the Park Beekse Bergen and left the car to photograph predators. It took video of other vacationers who by chance was passing near the scene. In the video you can see how(...)

Travel destroying the planet: as tourists dramatically change the climate

Travel enhance the greenhouse effect. World tourism leads to the formation about 8 % of the greenhouse gases on the planet. They cause the greenhouse effect and catastrophic climate change. Most damning for nature gas emit planes. See also: From the mountains of scraps in Venice was forbidden to open stores Thus, with the increase in the standard of living of the population grows and the ratio of emissions per person, CBSnews reports, citing a new study by researchers the University of Sydney. So, more affluent travelers use the money for more expensive transport, processed food(...)

From the mountains of scraps in Venice was forbidden to open stores

Trash on the streets of Venice contributes to the increase of different parasites, gulls and pigeons. In Venice for three years was forbidden to open stores to reduce the incredible influx of tourists to the city. The restriction primarily applies to visiting food courts and souvenir shops. See also: 10 magical places in the world where is worth to spend a memorable honeymoon Tourists come to Venice, walk among ancient streets and bridges, USEPA bridges and canals mountains of scraps and debris, reports the Independent. This ancient city has increased the number of different parasites,(...)