Culinary tour of South Korea. National alcohol, secret, traditional dishes and where to try them

Culinary tour of South Korea. National alcohol, secret, traditional dishes and where to try them

Gourmets visiting South Korea, I advise you to try bibimbap and drink soju.

Due to the winter Olympic games 2018 in South Korea people are more interested in culture, history and traditional dishes of this country. Diverse city that combines and innovation, and ancient culture, is the capital, Seoul. Here you should definitely enjoy a barbecue in Korean. But there are still many places where you can more finely estimate the traditions and the kitchen of Koreans.

In General, the national dish in the country is less fat and healthier than, say, Chinese. In addition, they are more seasoned with spices and herbs compared to the Japanese. In General, the Republic of Korea combines the best culinary traditions of East Asia, writes The Guardian.

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The City Of Jeonju is considered the culinary centre of South Korea. In 2012 UNESCO even call it the center of world gastronomy tourism. Here travelers can fully familiarize yourself with traditional dishes that will satisfy even the Europeans. In particular, it’s worth a try: kimchi salad dressed with spicy vegetables, shellfish and other seafood, and more bibimbap – white rice with vegetables, meat, seasoned sauce and hot pepper. Typically, these dishes are served with many side dishes: gefilte fish, jelly turmeric souffle steamed and whatnot that add to bibimbap to enhance the taste.

Korean chef say that the taste bibimbap depends on the sauces with which it is served. Their quality is very important – one might even say key. In particular, to it add the sauce from gooseberries or green cream. All appetizers and salads to bibimbap served in a separate dish and are referred to here panchan.

Another local delicacy — Chapssal-tteok, or Korean rice cakes. When cooked, the rice is mixed with the dough, add the nuts and spices. Together with them, worth a try tofu. Foodies say that the most delicious tofu cooked in South-Eastern regions of the country, close to Bomun lake, where the water is softer, making it taste more rich.

Veal ribs with capsicum, cooked in soy sauce have here taste so amazing that there is even a term that describes sensations from savoring their – minds.

In the port city of Busan should try the grilled seafood with onions, chili sauce, kimchi and grated cheese. Here you can try best traditional Korean alcoholic beverages: ginger ale, rice wine and soju – 20-40% alcohol made with sweet potatoes and grain. Last so popular that it is ranked as national drink of South Korea and has earned its own Museum.

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In case you overdid the tasting of alcohol in Korea prepare even a special hangover soup. It can be purchased in almost any tavern or diner in the country already in the morning. It is believed that this soup greatly improves well-being after a stormy night.

We will remind, earlier the South Korean city of Pyeongchang where Olympic games are held in 2018, were in the top 10 fabulously beautiful cities in the world. The mountains around Pyeongchang is flat, there are no rocks with steep slopes, similar to the North Japanese. But the city has modern hotels, high-quality ski runs of incredible length and speed of Skye passes. And in connection with the Olympics greatly improved the infrastructure of the town and opened several new Hiking trails.

Videosnicole events that occurred the day before the start of the Olympics

Today, the city of Pyeongchang will open the 23rd Olympic winter games. Ukraine in South Korea will represent 33 of the athlete in nine sports. But on the eve of the start of the Olympics there was an outbreak of intestinal flu and a fire occurred.

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