Delicious food and «the farm» conditions: street food came in the prestigious international ranking

Delicious food and «the farm» conditions: street food came in the prestigious international ranking

The chef is unhappy with the unwanted attention to her institution and wishes to return to the usual rhythm of work.

72-year-old Thai chef Jay Fay prepares their Goodies on a common pan-wok, dressed in goggles and a greasy apron. In this case, the woman is a chef and owner of the restaurant. She received the prestigious international star Michelin rating for more culinary masterpieces from seafood. That, and omelets with crab and Thai soup, and more expensive meals of lobster and giant shrimp. By contrast, Jay Fai got into the prestigious guide of the Thai capital of Bangkok from Michelin.

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«Local gourmets know well about the cafe Jay Fai and come here, and therefore, customers always have,» says the owner of the publication AFP. However, after receiving the award from the French guide Jay Fay even a little unhappy with the unnecessary attention to the diner, particularly the press. In cafe Jay Fai are 3-hour line to try that is prepared. The very same woman I have been invited to entertain visitors of the international tennis tournament in Hua hin. «The government wants to present Thailand. I feel like I have no choice,» says Jay. She believes that the constant trips and interviews in the end can harm the business. So the owner of even trying to abandon the stars and return to the normal rhythm of work.

Eatery Jay Fai is located in Bangkok, among some 20 such institutions. But it was marked by a Michelin star and have a guide to the capital of Thailand.

Earlier, experts the annual award of The Worl’ds 50 Best Bars 2017 was chosen among many of the best institutions in the world. They are attracted by its atmosphere, the perfect service, have their own «flavor» and offer visitors a special drinks.

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