Due to the negligence of tourists in Thailand will close one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Due to the negligence of tourists in Thailand will close one of the most beautiful beaches in the world

The beach will be closed for three summer months, through the destruction around him a significant number of corals.

From June to September 2018 for tourists in Thai plan to close one of the most popular beaches not only in the country but also around the world – Maya Bay. It is located in the same cozy Bay surrounded by cliffs, and not far from the waterfront, there are many coral reefs. It was negligence of tourists and owners of yachts visiting the Bay, to coral prompted the authorities to such extreme measures. The fact that in recent years they destroyed about 72 % of the coral reefs that grow near the beach.

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Bay Maya Bay is located on the island of Phi Phi and only resorts Krabi and Phuket on yachts here comes about 5 thousand tourists every day, writes The Telegraph. So popular it got after the film «Beach«here in 2000. So, in 1998, the country was visited by 7,8 million tourists, and in 2017 their number reached 35 million tourists. As a result, such rampant popularity affected the well-known vacation spot, particularly in the Bay Maya Bay.

Previously in Thailand has already carried out similar activities to preserve nature, but this beach closed the first time. At the same time, environmental authorities report that should restrict access to Maya Bay for much longer, because the three-month limit will do little corals. Ideally, it is recommended to limit the daily number of tourists and the prohibition to swim in the Bay tour boats that bring people to tour and harm the coral with their anchors. However, the Thai authorities have not yet decided to take this hard step, because tourism is 20% GDP. Therefore, while the Bay Maya Bay beach will be closed only on the three summer months from June to September 2018.

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I mentioned earlier that for Smoking on the beaches of Thailand, tourists are threatened to stay out of prison. The new law introduced due to unscrupulous tourists, leaving cigarette butts and small trash on the sand.

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