Eat, travel, love: as the pair moved in a van, became a star of social networks and makes the subscribers

Eat, travel, love: as the pair moved in a van, became a star of social networks and makes the subscribers

The girl some time and worked remotely as a Web developer, but retired when the social network began to make a profit.

In general, the desire to live in a van and travel, it is a kind of escape from reality because of the lack of prospects. «We heard all these promises about the wonderful life that comes after graduation and obtaining the diploma, — says an avid traveler, Corey Smith, but when finished training, all of that was nonsense».

In recent decades the situation has changed and young people do not want to live by the stereotypes of past generations, writes the New Yorker. A vivid example of such views is Emily king and Corey Smith from new Hampshire in the United States. For them hipster travel in the van, this is a unique attempt romanticize unstable life around.

The publication that Emily + Corey + Pup Penny Rose (@wheresmyofficenow) May 18, 2017 at 2:06 PDT

For the first time, the couple decided to abandon the usual existence and to travel through Central America by car in February 2012. Then they just surfed on the sea and enjoy the freedom from office work. For a small voyage Emily and Cory visited some interesting places in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. And then they had the idea to live away from the bustle of the city, without all the extra traveling in the van.

Perhaps it was when Emily was able to work Web-developer remotely. «Remember how I said to his mother: «I have something to say,» — says the girl. – and she decided that I’m pregnant or that we decided to get married. And I said, «We’re going to live in the van!»

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In 2013 the couple sold all superfluous things, distributed office clothes and bought an old van Volkswagen Vanagon, which he called «Bosch». He was very bulky, but had a cool retro look in the pictures. Moreover, all photographed Emily and guy were skeptical about her passion. So, first post in Instagram with the van received 97 preferences. But an army of subscribers grew rapidly because all were interested in such an independent way of life. In addition, this peculiar culture, which has United and unites fans of extreme sports, folk musicians, the new hippies, travelers and adventurers. And there is some slang, which have used newly-travelers creating hashtags. Among these: «home is the place where you parked», «forever» and the popular #vanlife (live in van).

To work remotely Web developer, turned out to be harder than Amy thought at first. So, they couldn’t get far in National parks because there was no Internet. «I worked from 15 to 40 hours a week, she recalls. — I think not so much, but when you have all the time in traffic and don’t know where you’ll sleep the next night – the situation uskladnenie».

Subsequently, the idea of making money via social media was born of itself. «Bosch» was very slow and often broke down. And, during one of the repairs, Corey suggested that the supplier of parts to advertise it through their channels for a small discount and free assistance. The effect was impressive. Sales vendor of old parts grew by 55%. Then the pair realized that has in its hands a powerful tool to earn money and started to advertise a variety of things-from chocolate to thermo water bottles. Earn accounts, Emily and Corey start in 2015, then the girl and quit my job.

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Now a few are invited on various tourist activities, like kayaking or horseback riding. And this is their main source of income.

Emily and Cory continue to explore the countries of North and Central America. They say that the most interesting to communicate with people from different places. And while people are interested in absolutely unexpected things. «No one asks, what beautiful places they visit. Much more everyone is interested in «where do you go to the toilet?»or «how are you And Emily still have not killed each other?»However, most people with good-natured envy come to the couple and ask how they decided on a journey in life.

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