Experts told, why the trips to «warm» the country is to book now

Experts told, why the trips to «warm» the country is to book now

This year a record number of Ukrainians had booked trips to Turkey.

Ukrainians are actively booking tickets for a holiday abroad. Through it’s hotel prices increased by 20 percent. So, even a popular Turkey to «bite» if you do not plan the trip in advance.

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This year the Europeans, Ukrainians and Russians actively book their tickets on Turkish resorts. So most of the rooms already have guests for a summer, and hotels are in no hurry to make concessions, some even suspended the action early booking. All because their administrators understand that a number of guests all the same typed.

From this it follows that if Ukrainians want to travel abroad, particularly in Turkey, plan your vacation is now. Otherwise, you will have to wait for the «hot» ticket and have to adjust the available date of departure.

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Ukrainian Association of travel agencies estimated that since the beginning of this year already have a million bookings to Turkey – this is an absolute record for all time. Last year, these orders were 700 thousand, and in March is expected to have more bookings.

Read more about when is it better to book trips for the summer holidays, see the plot of the program «snidanok z 1+1»

VideoCAM to plan a vacation and save

The street is still raging winter, and Ukrainians are actively planning a summer vacation. For the last two months of ticket sales in Turkey and EU countries has doubled. Most of the rooms in Turkey are already reserved. How to plan a vacation to get more save — see «Sedanko 1+1».

Snidanok 1+1

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As mentioned previously, why go to Turkey in winter, and what winter activities there is. In the country, apart from the coastal resorts, and mountain recreation for skiers and snowboarders. So, Turkish ski resorts offer vacationers and skiing, and cultural attractions to explore.

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