Family with two children has sold all property to travel the world and enjoy life

Family with two children has sold all property to travel the world and enjoy life

The couple decided to sacrifice everyday life to spend more time together and pay attention to the children.

Wife Claire and Andrew Brans had two children, but this does not prevent them travel the world. They used to live in Australia, but decided to abandon the usual life and travel the world, so that they and the children had new experiences and saw interesting corners of the planet.

The husband and wife moved the children to distance learning, sold the house, cars and furniture and things donated to charity to travel, writes Daily Mail. This idea came to them in 2016, the year when the family returned from a trip abroad. Everyone was delighted with the voyage and wanted to spend more time in new unseen places together. One of the reasons that pushed to make this decision – and Claire, and Andrew lost their parents when they were young. They decided that I should have more time to devote to the children and shared vacations. Therefore the couple carefully planned, as this idea to implement.

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Now the family travels South Asian countries. Here they have already visited Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia and now study Malaysia. Soon desperate Australians go to Japan and China, before travelling around Europe. Claire and Andrew’s happy family life and two children did not prevent them to do crazy things, travel and enjoy life.

«Of course we fight sometimes and can’t come to an agreement, but it happens more often than not been at home in Australia,» says Claire Brans. Husband, wife and their children, trying to find compromises, and at dinner I thank God for the food, for the fact that they have each other and have a good life.

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We will remind, earlier it was told as the couple moved to live to the van, became the star of social networks and makes the subscribers. The guy with the girl sold all the extra stuff, distributed office clothes and bought an old van Volkswagen Vanagon, which he called «Bosch». He was very bulky, but had a cool retro look in the pictures. And, all of photographed the girl and the guy were skeptical about her capture. So, first post in Instagram with the van received 97 preferences. But an army of subscribers grew rapidly because all were interested in such an independent way of life.

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