Five abandoned cities in the world that never fail to intrigue tourists

Five abandoned cities in the world that never fail to intrigue tourists

Tourists are attracted by unsolved mysteries and extent of abandoned cities.

Among the travelers are a separate form of travel highlighted in a trip to Ghost towns in different parts of the world. Interesting the cities globality abandoned buildings and a special atmosphere, which is stored here.

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Aramoko, Mexico

The recent laser scanning of forests of Mexico showed the ancient city of Angloco, which was inhabited by the purepecha civilization. His discovery showed that the number of these tribes was much larger than expected at first. So, just Aramoko inhabited about 100 thousand natives.

There were found numerous pyramids, square, stone building foundations and road system that connect them.

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The purepecha tribes that lived here, competed with the Aztecs. Both civilizations perished in the sixteenth century, when the continent began to appear Europeans. The cause of death was probably a viral illness, which were not adapted natives.

Gedi, Kenya

Ghost town located on the coast of the Indian ocean, a hundred kilometers from Mombasa in Kenya. It is believed that the settlement was founded in the XII century. Gedi was a progressive city – archaeologists found here the old water and sewer system.

During excavations at Gedi, was discovered by Chinese vases and Venetian glass, which indicates the trade relations of the city. The reason for its decline in the twelfth century remains a mystery to the present day. and Melanie (Illingworth) Kotsopoulos

Termessos, Turkey

The ruins of Termessos are located close to the modern resort of Antalya.

Alexander the Great compared the city with the eagle’s nest because of its impregnable location almost on top of the mountain. 333 BC the commander of the troops approached him and could not take.

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Decoration of the ancient city is the ancient Greek amphitheater, which could accommodate up to 5 thousand spectators. Termessos was neglected after the 200-th year of our era, when the Roman aqueduct was destroyed by an earthquake and here a deteriorated water supply. Kayış

Mohenjo-Daro, Pakistan

The ancient city of Mohenjo-Daro was the same age as the Ancient Kingdom of Egypt and Mesopotamia. It was founded about 2500 BC on the Bank of the Indus river and is considered one of the first settlements in Asia. Therefore, the architecture and the forgotten culture of the area has always attracted explorers. However, the reason for its decline after 1900 BC, remains unknown.

In Mohenjo-Daro population of about 40 thousand inhabitants, there was a well-developed agriculture, and the land was fertile because of the irrigation waters of the Indus. Residents also actively traded with Mesopotamia.

Pripyat, Ukraine

After the explosion at Chernobyl reactor No. 4 in April 1986, the surrounding cities was contaminated with a deadly amount of radioactive substances. Therefore, the residents of Pripyat and other settlements were permanently evacuated from here. The city at the time of the explosion was home for almost 50 thousands of plant workers, their relatives and children.

Destroyed and abandoned Pripyat is a Grand monument to human negligence and sky-high ambitions of the Soviet government. The city is filled with nature, wild animals live here, and people from all over the world come for a tour.

Earlier, I mentioned the abandoned ancient Greek city of Hierapolis, which is located on the territory of modern Turkey. Here, near the ruins of the temple of the Greek God Hades, which was considered a conduit to the afterlife, to this day find dead animals, particularly birds.

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