Five good reasons to visit Kirillovka this summer

Five good reasons to visit Kirillovka this summer

Prices and quality of service in Ukraine and neighboring countries such as Turkey, Bulgaria or Albania, are gradually aligned. The reason for this trend lies in the introduction of visa-free regime, seriously exacerbating competition on the tourist market.

And yet, we believe that among all directions there is one leader − Kirillovka village located in the South of Zaporizhia region. And we are prepared to convincingly explain why the use of domestic resort.

1 No need to waste time and money on long journey

It only seems that getting to the resort ceased to be a problem. Let’s just compare some numbers to be convinced otherwise.

As you can see, the difference is quite significant. But if you live closer to the South of Ukraine, for example, in the Dnieper Zaporozhye, the figures for Kirillovka will be even lower.

A vacation is not so long to spend two or even three days on getting to a place of rest. And savings on travel money can be spent on entertainment. Or rent a better room.

Choosing a private car instead of bus is not the way out. Have to stand in line at the customs crossings and at least one of travelers tired.

2 appeared In Kyrylivka recreation, not inferior to the Bulgarian or even Turkish

You probably immediately thought of the famous «Water world» or the hotel of the water Park «treasure Island». You are right, but these hotels every year becomes more and more. Rooms equipped with not only a fridge and a TV, but also a Hairdryer, kettle, safe, sometimes even a mini bar. And for the price is even slightly cheaper than in European resorts.

The problem is most likely in relation to our tourists. They are not surprised by the price of 30 euros in Bulgaria, they consider it normal and even low. But a similar figure in Ukraine causes a slight shock and the hotel is immediately ranked among the category of «expensive». Although the approach of domestic hoteliers to pricing is fully justified. The season lasts only three months and during that time it is necessary to fulfill the repair costs, and staff salaries and even get some profit.

If you get rid of this prejudice, and to compare the level of service and price in Europe and other countries impartially, using the same approach Kirillovka win your rivals with a crushing score.

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3 the Azov sea is indeed warmer Black

Remember when you go on vacation in June. You come to the surf, taste the water with his foot and suddenly decide that swimming is early, you can sunbathe on the rocks and go into the tent for a beer. Some people swim, and you are ashamed to admit that this water temperature is not suitable for you. Because you decide to plunge once or twice, but the big pleasure of this process not receive.

Well, what to do, not everyone turns to take a vacation in late July, when the weather and water temperature is close to ideal. Better not follow fashion, and go directly to Kirillovka. The Azov sea is the most shallow in the world, it warms up much faster than Black. There really comfortable to swim during the may holidays, not to mention some mid-June.

4 You can afford more entertainment

Let us not dissemble. Sea, nature, swimming, sunbathing − it’s all good, but we are more interested in discos, bars, restaurants, clubs, cocktails and other interesting drinks. Many of us are affected and others say, is not very healthy habits. The only reason this factor is not taken into account when choosing a place to stay.

There is nothing to do − excise taxes in Ukraine is considerably lower than in the EU. Therefore, the prices of all adult entertainment we are cheaper. Of course, sun, air and water − our best friends. But think about whether to go on this Montenegro, then to indulge in yet another cocktail in the midst of the party when the dance floor gets incredibly hot.

5 wildlife and mud

Kyrylivka is located around several parks. Just a few kilometers away is the island biruchiy. The richness of the local fauna can be judged from the fact that here was built the residence of the fourth President of Ukraine, a great lover of hunting. A little further, but within reach of the tour bus − the bird life on the Obitochnaya spit and largest reserve of the country − Askaniya-Nova.

The shallow sea of Azov is quick drying, the salts are deposited to form the famous healing mud. For all the rest in Kirillovka − totally free. Just a short walk to the estuary and heals as your heart desires. And if you want expert advice you should expect at a local Resort.


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