French hotel offers tourists to spend the night in the tree house for a crazy amount

French hotel offers tourists to spend the night in the tree house for a crazy amount

The hotel is located among forests, close to interesting historical sites.

In France, the entrepreneurs came up with another way to attract tourists to tourist sites. So, in the municipality of Rare earned hotel rooms located on the century-old trees. Each individual housing is like this-a tree house, accessed via a private suspension bridge. They are built on the principle of birds ‘ nests, and a stay here is worth almost EUR 330 per night.

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The houses are located in the forest, near the landscape of the lake, writes Daily Mail. These «nests» there is a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom with Spa and a place for the contemplation of nature through the panoramic Windows. In addition, the roof has an observation deck with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. The total area of about 23 square meters, it is fixed at the height of 10 meters. Such conditions are ideal for romantic couples.

The designers of the project – Atelier Lavit, called the idea unique and argue that the interior of the rooms hotel’s closely associated with nature.

In addition, the high price is due to the incredibly beautiful places that are close by. So, nearby survived magnificent medieval castle, which is now a hotel Château de Rare. There are many Golf courses and places where you can just walk. In about 20 kilometers from the castle is the town of Compiegne, which preserved many ancient buildings: the town hall, the Palace and several other buildings.

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We will remind, earlier it was mentioned about hotel in Switzerland, where tourists are offered to stay in a makeshift Igloo for 200 euros. For these means wishing give all the necessary tools prepared snow and warm sleeping bags with blankets, which are suitable for camping at temperatures down to -40 degrees Celsius.

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