From Hurghada to Luxor: why one day is devoted to the legendary capital of the pharaohs

From Hurghada to Luxor: why one day is devoted to the legendary capital of the pharaohs

Tourists are striking ancient temples and the tombs of the pharaohs in Luxor.

Luxor is one of the oldest cities in the world and in the past the capital of the Egyptian Kingdom. In ancient times it was called Thebes. Now the city may visit and inspect everyone. This is especially useful to do during your vacation in Hurghada. Luxor is located 300 kilometers from the resort town. From here you can book a tour to the fabled capital of the pharaohs.

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In Luxor, you’ll the lion’s share of monuments the period of the New Egyptian Kingdom. The river Nile divides the city into two parts. In ancient times, the Eastern shore was the place where were erected the magnificent palaces of the pharaohs – here they lived and prayed to their gods. The West Bank of the Nile – the city of the dead, where he built the funerary temples and tombs for Egyptian kings. And the pharaohs buried in the Valley of the kings, and their wives and children in the valley of the Queens. Numerous tombs of the valleys found by archaeologists, and some even can be viewed.

The best preserved Church in the City of the living Karnak, which in Arabic means «splendid Palace». It is one of the greatest architectural creations of the ancient world. Each of the pharaohs, which has been in power improved the place. So, Ramses II built his own statue, which stands at the entrance. The temple was built over two thousand years. Here is the most amazing labyrinth of 134 columns. The height of each more than 20 meters – that’s about as 8-storey building. Some of them are hieroglyphs, which are still preserved paint. However, their age is 3 thousand years.

Karnak temple is a complex of ancient shrines, which are interconnected. The complex, dedicated to the sun God Amon, has an area of about 30 hectares. Besides him, there is still the sanctuary of the sky goddess Mut, the God of war, Montu, and a number of smaller chapels with hieroglyphs that tell about different events.

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In ancient times, the temple complex at Karnak were connected by an alley with another relic – the Luxor temple. It is partially preserved building you can see today. And here is the front track of the pharaohs was not so lucky – it was absorbed by the modern city. As the mention of the alley archeologists found sculptures of sphinxes that adorned the path between the temples.

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Videomay guide. Egypt — Karnak temple in Luxor

Today My guide book continues to travel through Egypt. Our Natalie Pike will travel to Luxor. And show you one of the architectural wonders of Egypt — the temple that was built over 2 thousand years.

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