From the mountains of scraps in Venice was forbidden to open stores

From the mountains of scraps in Venice was forbidden to open stores

Trash on the streets of Venice contributes to the increase of different parasites, gulls and pigeons.

In Venice for three years was forbidden to open stores to reduce the incredible influx of tourists to the city. The restriction primarily applies to visiting food courts and souvenir shops.

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Tourists come to Venice, walk among ancient streets and bridges, USEPA bridges and canals mountains of scraps and debris, reports the Independent. This ancient city has increased the number of different parasites, gulls and pigeons. It spoils the historical part of Venice, which koronatsiya UNESCO.

To somehow rectify the situation, mayor Luigi Borgaro imposed its ban on opening new stores. In the mayoralty hope that this somehow will reduce the influx of travelers.

The restriction applies to Venice and the outlying Islands of Murano and Burano.

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Earlier historical part of Venice wanted to keep the turnstiles to limit the number of tourists. But locals protested and broke their appeals that the city belongs to the local, not the mayor or tourists. Citizens urge tourists to be responsible when visiting the historical monuments — not to drink alcohol excessively and to clean up after themselves.

We will remind that on one of the most popular resorts in the world are outraged by the invasion of drunk tourists. Last week residents of the capital of the popular holiday island of Ibiza, took to the streets in protest against wanton, negligent behaviour of tourists and the rampant the nightlife in the city.

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