«Garden of Eden» among the Sands and unique winery: why you should visit the Negev desert

«Garden of Eden» among the Sands and unique winery: why you should visit the Negev desert

In the Israeli desert there are a lot of interesting things, which few people know.

Israel – a country of inventors: here was invented the drip irrigation system. Due to this, gardens, farms, farms, right in the middle of the desert become possible.

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One of these farms, among the hot Sands and rocks of the karmøy Avdat. Here not only grows pomegranates, oranges, grapefruits and grapes, but also produce their own wine.

First, the owner of the farm was very difficult to plant and grow this garden of Eden, but now man is satisfied with the fruits of their efforts.

Host of «My guide» came in here and learned how to live in the desert and the difficulties that arise here.

Videomay guide. Israel — the garden of Eden and how israelidan struggle with violators of traffic rules

It is a country of inventors — Israel. Thanks to them, the Israelis have built lives in the middle of the desert. Which brought our film crew this time are watching right now.

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Is in the middle of the desert surrounded by a network of pipes – Israeli water, which allowed us to here the irrigation system. But the farmer to the water is very sparingly used purify with his own invention. Purified in such way water can to water the vineyards and fruit trees.

In General, you can eat fruit, try an Israeli wine, a desert to explore nature, particularly animals.

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