«Get a job and think about self-esteem,» the hotel owner made fun of blagescu, who was looking for a «freebie»

«Get a job and think about self-esteem,» the hotel owner made fun of blagescu, who was looking for a «freebie»

The owner has put the girl the expense of 5.3 million euros for advertising her blogs in the world media.

Internet blogery wanted free to live in luxury hotel Dublin for what promised to advertise the institution through their profiles in social networks. Such a proposal, the owner issued a letter which advised the girl to find a job and to remember about self-esteem. But the story is not over: the official response the property has received widespread media coverage and made blogarch much more popular. The owner subsequently wrote another public letter to the girl, where he exhibited «account» of 5.3 million euros for advertising it blog’s in leading publications in more than 20 countries.

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It all started with the treatment YouTube-blogger Ellie Darby to the administration of the Dublin Charleville Lodge Hotel, writes Metro. She said she has 87 thousand subscribers on YouTube, 76 thousand followers Instagram and promises to promote the institution among its readers in exchange for free accommodation for her and her boyfriend for a week.

In response the owner posted on the page with the text that such a treatment need to be either very brave, or not to have self-esteem.

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«If I let you stay in the hotel in exchange for mention in your video, who will pay the staff who will serve you? Who will pay the maids who clean your room? Waiters who will serve your Breakfast? The front Desk clerk you will register? Who will pay for the light and heat that you use during your stay? For the Laundry? For water use? Maybe I should tell the staff that they will show in your video instead of having to pay for their work?»- wrote Paul and Stenson added that the hotel and so there are 186 thousand subscribers on two pages in Facebook, 80 thousand in Snapchat and 32 thousand in Instagram.

Then the owner posted another message. He wrote that eliminates any possibility of cooperation with the bloggers and advise them to find a normal job that will allow them to earn money and pay for itself.

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But it was not the end. After the above-mentioned publications on the pages of the hotel in social networks about curiosity wrote many of the world’s media. Stenson posted a screenshot of a humorous account of Elle Darby for advertising her blog, which she got through mention of her in this hotel: 114 articles in 20 countries with an estimated audience of 450 million people. For this the blogger needs to pay the hotel, according to estimates by Stenson, almost 5.3 million euros. A PostScript on the bill shows that pay with the help of video it is impossible.

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