Health in the sanatorium «Shayan»

Health in the sanatorium «Shayan»

Ukraine has a lovely, clean place – Transcarpathia.

If you constantly stay in town and work tirelessly, the signs of fatigue will soon make themselves known. Chronic lack of sleep, nervousness, bad mood – is a clear pointer to the need for improvement. Only having escaped into the woods far from the city, will be able to fully recover their strength. Everything else, after all, for these trips it is assumed annual leave.

Ukraine has a lovely, clean place – Transcarpathia. Here nature is almost untouched by heavy industry and other enterprises. The sanatorium «Shayan» is one of the few places where you will be given complete recovery for the whole family.

Modern sanatorium «Shayan» for the rest of any level

Why choose «Shayan«? First answer will be location. Being between the mountains, the resort has a unique microclimate. The absence of strong winds allows the oxygen to remain rich, therefore all celebrate clean air. The winter is mild and summer is no feeling of excessive heat, which is typical for big cities.

The second criterion for the tourist becomes a comfort. All the buildings of the sanatorium lined, repaired, and most importantly equipped with necessary appliances. There are two main buildings. The first can offer rooms of standard class and Suite. The second consists exclusively of suites. As you can see, all the conditions for families there.

Rooms feature:

  • several rooms;
  • double beds;
  • furniture: tables, cabinets, sofa, etc.;
  • household appliances: TV, kettle, fridge;
  • balcony;
  • shower.

In addition to natural recovery: thermal water sources, Hiking the policy, no city noise and offers the following services: massage, mechanotherapy stop, salt room, aromatherapy, inhalers, and more.

«West Resort» will be useful for those who are accustomed to booking rooms via the Internet. This service will help you to organize your trip in advance, buying a ticket to the sanatorium «Shayan».

The online booking service «West Resort».


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