Hewn from ice and exclusive decorated suites offers travelers snow hotel in Sweden

Hewn from ice and exclusive decorated suites offers travelers snow hotel in Sweden

The hotel was decorated with 36 artists from 17 countries.

30 thousand cubic meters of snow and ice needed to the owners for the construction of the ice hotel in Sweden. It is built each winter from 1939. This year, IceHotel’s designers created 35 hand-decorated with luxurious suites, ice bar, hall for ceremonies and ice Playground.

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Rooms and halls IceHotel-2017 was decorated with unique carvings and sculptures by 36 artists and designers from 17 countries. Each of them has an exclusive design and its own concept. So, some of the suites are called «Cosmic room», «Queen of the North», «Monstera», «king Kong» and «Everyday travelers».

In the ice room maintained at a temperature of from -8 to -5 degrees Celsius. The exclusive suites have beds. The bed is covered with reindeer skins and sleep is a special thermo-bags. Moreover, the hotel has standard rooms also available for rent.

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The hotel is located in the Swedish village of jukkasjärvi on the banks of the thorn river, just 200 kilometers from the Arctic circle. Its construction used 30 thousand cubic meters of ice and snow and 500 tons of crystal clear ice to create the bar and some of the details of the sculptures.

Recall that in India opened the first hotel for dogs. He appeared in the city of Gurgaon, in the North of the country. A four-legged pet may check-in rooms in different categories: from standard to king or family Suite. The Pets in the hotel for the day will cost $ 23.

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