Holiday in Bali, which you didn’t know. What to do on the island in the offseason

Holiday in Bali, which you didn’t know. What to do on the island in the offseason

Travelers descend on the island with boats and rivers are touring to explore the tropical forest and gorges in Bali.

Usually holiday in Bali associated with cozy beaches surrounded by tropical forest and the Indian ocean, and endless pools near the hotels. But the rest of the island is also the monuments of culture and history, natural wonders and local cuisine. Herewith to get acquainted with the flavor of Bali better in the offseason when it’s not so annoying heat

One of the options of holiday in Bali is to rent a boat with guide and rafting. This is an opportunity to not only experience acute emotions, but to explore the gorges, cliffs and tropical undergrowth, which cannot be reached by land. Most tourists descend on the Ayung river, which flows into the Indian ocean to the South of the island.

In Bali you can also go touring, to see the village houses and natural landscapes of the island. Interesting area for exploring by bike or on foot, not far from Ubud and the village of Sayan. The latter is located above the gorge of the Ayung river, surrounded by tropical forests and mountain slopes. During this trip you can try local food: spicy sambal sauce, served with crackers and coffee Kopi-Luwak. This is one of the most expensive coffee varieties in the world, which is made from grain that I have ever eaten musangs does a small or palm-marten. Grain is taken from the excrement of animals, wash, dry and prepare coffee, which is milder in flavor.

About 50 kilometers from Ubud is an old Buddhist temple Pura Besakih. The Shrine is built on the slope of mount Agung. Its stone gates and wooden houses with tall roofs are fantastic and serve as a unique hallmark of the island.

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In addition to exploring the island and getting to know its flavor, there can be a lot to learn about the practice of aerial yoga and various meditations.

We will remind, earlier one of the Japanese Islands with an incredible underwater world has headed a rating of the best new areas 2018 year. It vacationers rent a boat with glass bottom to look colorful coral reefs and exotic fish.

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