Hundreds of tourists refused to fly to the Maldives via a state of emergency

Hundreds of tourists refused to fly to the Maldives via a state of emergency

In each hotel, from the rooms of refuse about 50 tourists daily.

A state of emergency in the Maldives turned them out of Paradise on a troubled resort. Through the political vicissitudes over the past two weeks vacation in the Islands canceled hundreds of tourists.

«Every day we refuse to 50-60 rooms», — reported in administration of one of the hotels in the Maldives, writes The Telegraph. The same situation is observed in all institutions of the rest of the island.

The security Council of the Maldives claims that there are no complications for tourists in the resorts of the country, and all airports work in a usual mode. In spite of this, a number of countries advising its nationals not to travel to the Maldives until the end of February 2018.

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A state of emergency was introduced on 5 February for 15 days. The introduction said the President of the country Abdullah Jamin in response to the Supreme Court’s decision to release members of the opposition from prison. Among them 12 members of the party the Majlis and one of the previous presidents of the Maldives, Mohamad Nasheed. Jamin rejected the decision and ordered the arrest of two of the five judges. He argues that the figures of the opposition were planning a coup to remove him.

Informed more in detail why Paradise island was gripped by crisis. The Maldives has been at the forefront of the struggle not only for democracy but also became a field of fierce competition between China and India.

Videoproto of impeachment: the President of the Maldives has imposed 15 days of special regime

The Maldives Supreme court is preparing to impeach the President. In the country there was a conflict between the current President, Abdullah Aminova and the Supreme court. The judge ruled to release from prison the 9 political prisoners and restored the mandates of 12 MPs from the opposition who accuse the President of corruption, abuse of power and violation of human rights. The President and members of the government ignored the court’s decision.

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