Ice city that occupies tens of hectares and shines different colors opens in China

Ice city that occupies tens of hectares and shines different colors opens in China

Hundreds of icy buildings with neon lights of different colors struck the Internet users.

Tomorrow, 5 January 2018, in the city of Harbin in North East China, starts 34th international festival of ice and snow. Ice Kingdom with an area of almost 80 hectares built palaces, castles and architectonic attractions in different parts of the world.

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At the ice camp visitors will be able to see the sculptures and ice to go to pubs and cafes, but also to practice winter sports, writes Daily Mail. In addition, after sunset on the ice, you will see the amazing neon light show. Each of the ice buildings are lit in different colors, can change them and turns the town into a fairytale Kingdom.

At the festival presents hundreds of ice sculptures. Some of these travelers could explore in December. But an official opening will be tomorrow, January 5.

Among the sculptures here are the Kanazawa castle in Japan, the temple of Heaven in China, the memorial tower of Harbin, as well as a number of European sites. Central Boulevard of the ice town called «silk road» and symbolizes the legendary medieval trade route that connected Europe and Asia.

Ice town will be open to the public until early March. Then, most likely, the sculptures begin to melt, making it impossible to visit attractions.哈尔滨国际冰雪节

Recall that in Lviv there was held a competition of ice sculptures. There, the five artists were given one and a half tons of ice to create your own creative artwork. Work is significantly complicated because of the warm weather and rain.

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The art of creating winter in spring weather show in Lviv. There are five artists were given a ton of ice and gave a little more than a day to create a Christmas miracle.

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